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Norwalk Evading Responsibility Lawyer

In Norwalk, a hit and run is the same thing as an evading responsibility offense. Norwalk law requires any person who operates a motor vehicle and is knowingly involved in an accident that causes serious physical injury or results in the death of a person or property to immediately stop and render such assistance as needed.

They are also required to give their name, address, operator’s number, and registration to the injured person or to any officer or witness on the scene. Failure to do this is known as evading responsibility. It is important to have a Norwalk evading responsibility lawyer who is familiar with local court processes.

A distinguished criminal attorney is familiar with the process in Norwalk will be able to work with the prosecutors and the judges well and will be able to leverage their experience to get the charges dismissed as quickly and effectively as possible.

What are the Elements of Evading Responsibility in Norwalk?

There are four elements to an evading responsibility offense in Norwalk. The first is that someone must operate a motor vehicle. The second is that they were knowingly involved in an accident. The third is that they caused injury to a person or damaged property. The fourth is that they fail to stop, render assistance, and provide identifying information.

During the arrest process in Norwalk for an evading responsibility charge, a person is either given a summons with a date to appear in court or is taken down to the station, fingerprinted, booked, and processed. They will be given a bond or a promise to appear and will be released with a date to appear in court.

Understanding the Role of Miranda Rights in Hit and Run Cases

Miranda rights include the right to remain silent. Anything a person says can and will be used against them in the court of law. They have the right to an attorney, and if they cannot afford one, one will be appointed to them by the court. Police officers usually follow up a declaration of Miranda rights by asking the person if they wish to talk to them with those rights in mind.

If law enforcement fails to Mirandize someone, that could result in a motion to dismiss the charges. The statement that came from the failure to Mirandize could be suppressed as well. A person facing a hit and run charge should contact a Norwalk evading responsibility lawyer as soon as possible because depending on the seriousness of the accident, they can be facing a felony or a misdemeanor charge. The charge could result in a permanent criminal record.

How an Attorney Could Help

The infraction associated with leaving the scene of an accident is called failure to stop and show. A common instance of this is when someone has a minor accident in a parking lot, leaves their information, and the information blows away before the other person gets back to their car. In addition to that infraction, the prosecution can charge them with either the misdemeanor or the felony charge of evading responsibility.

The process of refuting an evading responsibility charge in Norwalk starts with negotiation with the prosecutor to try and figure out the best way to get the case dismissed. A Norwalk evading responsibility lawyer can also discuss the reasons for the person evading the scene to try to clear up the issue.