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    Importance of Hiring a Norwalk Evading Responsibility Attorney

    A hit and run or evading responsibility charge is often a result of not reporting a collision to authorities or attempting to reach out to the others involved. Unfortunately, even one-vehicle crashes can result in this charge. Therefore, it may be critical for the accused individual to learn the importance of hiring a Norwalk evading responsibility attorney prior to initiation of the trial process. Contact a well-versed hit and run attorney to prepare a defense if you have been accused of fleeing the scene of an accident.

    What is a Single Vehicle Evading Responsibility Case?

    Leaving without doing so, even in a one-car accident, can result in an evading responsibility charge. A person facing an evading responsibility charge in Norwalk should be cognizant that it could take up to two years to get the charges fully dismissed. If there is no way to get the charges dismissed, or if the person has a prior criminal record, it could take even longer than that. Even if a person hits public property or someone’s private property, they are still required to leave their information for the owner.

    Seeking Legal Counsel for One-Car Hit and Run Claims

    The most common example of a one-car accident that results in an evading responsibility charge is when someone hits someone’s property and does not leave their information. When searching for a criminal lawyer in Norwalk, a person should look for a criminal defense attorney with experience in court because the person will want them to know the ins and outs of the courthouse and have a good relationship with the prosecutors so that they will be able to effectively negotiate and get the best possible disposition.

    Role of the Prosecution in a Hit and Run Case

    Prosecutors are usually concerned with whether or not the person was drunk when they committed the crime, and they are also concerned with making sure that any damage that was caused has been fully paid for and any restitution that the victim is owed will be fully paid.

    Part of the importance of hiring a Norwalk evading responsibility attorney is to have someone who can try to establish that the accused was not drunk during the time of the arrest should the prosecutor decide to treat the case as if it were a DUI.

    Discussing Possible Defenses With an Evading Responsibility Attorney

    A criminal lawyer will immediately request the police reports and begin to analyze them and the witness statements. They will request any video footage that might be present, request to analyze the damage that was caused to the property, or request to analyze any medical records if any physical injury is being claimed.

    It is not recommended to attend the first meeting with a prosecutor without legal representation, and if a charged person did so the prosecution usually will give them a new date for the meeting and tell them to hire a lawyer. Part of the importance of hiring a Norwalk evading responsibility attorney is to have legal assistance when you attend the first meeting with prosecution so that they will be able to start negotiating. Once the lawyer gets involved, the potential client will never meet with the prosecutor.