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    Norwalk Evading Responsibility Summons and Complaint Ticket

    Both forms of Norwalk evading responsibility summons and complaint ticket, felony and misdemeanors, are treated similarly. However, the felony version is issued if law enforcement has found that the person caused an injury to someone or to a property. Norwalk considers a ticket for evading responsibility to be an arrest. A person should consult with a skilled evading responsibility lawyer after receiving a ticket for evading responsibility in Norwalk before the first court date, as soon as possible.

    How are Evading Responsibility Summons Issued?

    A person could be issued a misdemeanor Norwalk evading responsibility summons and complaint ticket if there was no injury to the person or the property and will be issued a felony summons and complaint ticket for an evading responsibility charge if there was an injury to a person’s property or to a person.

    If a person in Norwalk is issued a misdemeanor summons and complaint, that means they did not fully run from the scene and the police officer found them driving down the road. The summons and complaint will give the person a court date and a time to appear in court as opposed to taking them down to the station, booking them, and fingerprinting them.

    A person who has received a misdemeanor or felony summons and complaint should immediately contact a lawyer before their first court date so that the lawyer can get involved, request the police report, and start working with the prosecutor to get the best possible disposition.

    Understanding the Summons and Ticket Process

    An arrest in Norwalk does not always result in the person being booked, fingerprinted, or photographed. The alternative is to issue them a criminal summons, which is still considered an arrest, but does not require the person to go down to the police station to get booked.

    How Might Someone Choose to Plead in a Hit and Run Case?

    Pleading guilty to an evading responsibility charge could result in a permanent misdemeanor conviction or a permanent felony conviction on their record. Although it may seem similar, pleading guilty to an evading responsibility charge is immensely different from pleading guilty to a speeding ticket because an evading responsibility charge will result in a criminal conviction and pleading guilty to a speeding ticket will just result in an infraction on their record.

    Potential Impact of an Evading Responsibility Conviction

    A permanent criminal conviction for Norwalk evading responsibility summons and complaint ticket could affect a person’s ability to get a job, their reputation, and their online presence. If it was a felony, they lose the right to vote. Their DNA will be taken and put into the database and they will have a permanent criminal conviction on their record.

    A person would likely have to disclose a permanent criminal conviction to their employer and this could result in the employer firing them. The presence of a conviction on their record will make it immensely difficult for them to get another job.