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    Norwalk Evading Responsibility Arrests

    Typically, an arrest for evading responsibility occurs when one person or driver leaves the scene of an accident without attempting to exchange information or contact the police. Someone facing potential Norwalk evading responsibility arrests should immediately contact a lawyer who could possibly represent them in court.

    They should also contact their insurance company and file a claim with them to make sure that any damage that was caused is fully covered and reimbursed to the person who sustained the damage. A well-versed hit and run lawyer should be involved in a person’s evading responsibility case as soon as possible.

    Evading Responsibility Case Process

    Depending on the severity of the offense, an evading responsibility case could take up to two years to get the charges fully dismissed. Typically, a first court date is assigned within two weeks of the arrest. If a person is not arrested for a DUI in Norwalk, then their blood alcohol content at the time of driving will not be able to be determined. If the officer does arrest a person right after they evaded the scene and does determine that they are drunk, then their BAC can be determined by a breathalyzer or blood sample.

    What is the Freedom of Information Act?

    The Freedom of Information Act grants a person’s right to any public record. If someone wanted to get another person’s record, they can try to do so through the Freedom of Information Act. The Freedom of Information Act may negatively affect a person because it allows anyone to try and access their criminal conviction record. Any member of the public could apply to the Freedom of Information Act to get a record of their conviction.

    Possible Defenses for Evading Responsibility Offenses

    In Norwalk evading responsibility arrests cases, it is important for the accused and their attorney to convince law enforcement that drunk driving was not a contributing factor. Typically, prosecutors will look at the report and determine whether or not they believe that the person was drunk at the time that they evaded.

    If a prosecutor thinks that the person was drunk while allegedly evading the scene of the accident, they will also treat the case as though they were charged with a DUI. The accused person could request conditions that would be applied to DUI cases, such as alcohol classes and evaluations, alcohol treatment, attending AA meetings, attending MADD panels, etc.

    How an Attorney Could Help Someone Fight Hit and Run Charges

    When fighting Norwalk evading responsibility arrests, a lawyer can file a motion with the court, can review any type of footage that exists to make sure that it was actually the client who caused the damage to the property, and can look at the witness statements and file a motion to serve any evidence that might be helpful to the defense or could succeed in challenging the arrest.

    There are several ways that a criminal lawyer can intervene with the police on the accused’s behalf in an evading responsibility arrest. If a lawyer is involved before a warrant is issued, they can work with the police to allow the person to turn themselves in as opposed to the police coming to get them. They can effectively work with the police to make sure that, once a person is turned in on the warrant, no questions are asked about the incident.