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    What to Expect in a Norwalk Sex Crimes Case

    A Norwalk sex crimes case can seem like an ordeal, but it is not an ordeal that you have to face alone. A Norwalk sex crimes lawyer can fight for you.  If you have been charged with a sex crime, seek the counsel of an adept sex crimes attorney. A local lawyer will understand the intricacies of laws regarding sex crimes and will have experience defending similar cases with various strategies.

    For any degree of a sex crime that a person is convicted of, they can face jail, probation, or fines, and any combination of those three in addition to an order prohibiting any contact with the person that is the victim of that sex crime. Contact an attorney that can dedicate the time and resources necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for you and can help you understand what to expect in a Norwalk sex crimes case.

    Events Following an Arrest

    After an arrest, the individual will be incarcerated while their case is pending, unless and until they post bond. The first thing they can expect in their Norwalk sex crimes case is that they will be arraigned in a court and, at the arraignment, the judge decides the amount of the bond that will be placed on a person and any non-financial conditions that will be put in place while the case is pending.

    If they do post the amount of bond set by the court, they will be released pending their Norwalk sex crimes case going through all the proceedings, but they may be subject to some of those non-financial conditions, which will be things like no contact with the complainant and a potential psychological evaluation or treatment that may be deemed necessary under the circumstances and there will be, potentially, travel restrictions.

    Negotiations and Trial

    Once that is out of the way, then the normal criminal process will take place where they will be in a phase of a potential negotiated plea deal between the defense attorney and the prosecutor. If that does not result in an agreeable resolution, then there will be a judicial pre-trial conference where the prosecutor, the judge, and the defense attorney will all have an opportunity to see if a resolution can be reached with the aid of a judge and the potential offer of a resolution from a judge.

    If it still cannot be worked out after that phase, then the next phase is to request a trial, a trial by jury or judge, at the election of the defendant and that will be pending until that person’s case comes up on the list of trials that are pending, which at any given time, will be a significant number. That person can expect in their Norwalk sex crimes case to wait on the trial list anywhere from a few months to up to a couple of years.

    Importance of Contacting a Lawyer

    It is important to talk to a lawyer before talking to the authorities so the defendant can avoid saying anything that will incriminate them. There is value in knowing what can and will help and whether it is worth it to provide any additional information or whether it is better to just hold back and see what the state has before providing any information. An individual should contact a lawyer as soon as they are aware of the existence of an investigation into a potential sex crime.

    If someone has been charged with a sex crime, they should save any of the communications with the person that is accusing them of a sex crime, speak to an attorney as soon as possible, and should not speak to the authorities or anyone else about their Norwalk sex crimes case unless and until they have spoken to an attorney.