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    Norwalk Sex Crimes Investigations

    When beginning sex crimes investigations in Norwalk, an experienced sex crimes lawyer will first speak with the accused individual in order to get their perspective. The attorney is going to be looking at one of the main pieces of evidence such as medical evidence and medical records. It is essential for you to protect your rights during this time of the investigation. It is important to contact a distinguished sex crimes lawyer for any related charges or allegations you may be facing.

    Understanding the Importance of Medical Records

    There may have been a rape kit that was performed on the accuser or there may be medical documentation that shows marks and/or bruising or other sorts of injuries or the non-existence of injuries that would be very critical in terms of supporting what either happened or did not happen. That is not always something that will solve the issue, and in many instances, it does not.

    A valued part of Norwalk sex crimes investigations is understanding what the medical evidence says and does not say. The evidence could be equivocal and is one of the essential things that a criminal defense attorney has to do which makes it unique from any other kind of investigating. An attorney has to know the medical part of it and they have to learn about the relationship between the two people which is something that requires investigatory work for any sort of case because the motives and the reasons why people are either doing something bad to each other or lying about the fact that somebody did something bad to each other is important.

    Those kinds of concepts happen all the time when somebody has been falsely accused of something and so an attorney wants to see what kind of things push people or motivate people to either make something up or not make something up but not be able to accurately say what had happened or what did not happen. The thing that really sets it apart is the real medical work that needs to be done.

    Legal Protections

    There are significant protections for accusers and there are prohibitions on terms of some types of evidence that they may not be able to use in a sex crime so there is something called the rape shield. The rape shield, for example, shields certain types of evidence in terms of the past sexual behavior of the accuser from being used in evidence by the defendant to try to exonerate themselves. At first, this might seem like a good piece of evidence to use for defense in a Norwalk sex crimes investigation. However, it may end up being something that is prohibited for the defendant to use in support of their own defense.

    The rape shield law would otherwise be available to a defendant if it were a different type of crime. It is important for a lawyer to look through these issues and understand what is important and usable as evidence in the investigation of a Norwalk sex crime.


    When defending a sex crime, one of the things that make it difficult for an attorney to represent a defendant is understanding how they may be able to exonerate themselves. Assuming it was just two people in a room, is it going to come down to a “he said, she said” type of situation which is very unsettling for people. This is an example of the importance of Norwalk sex crimes investigations and why any experienced attorney would begin their case by finding evidence or lack thereof.

    An experienced attorney should be able to identify other sources of evidence and other sources of information, they may be able to shed light on what actually happened during the critical moments when the sexual assault is alleged to have occurred and without having seen the medical records the attorney should be able to work with medical experts that can help them through these things and help them understand what to look for, what not to look for, and what not to bother dealing with.

    Benefits of Having an Attorney

    An attorney wants the ability to properly investigate the accusation. An attorney wants to understand the court process and getting the person through the legal process so the person can make the best use of their rights and defenses available to them. These are long difficult Norwalk sex crimes investigations. There are many emotional difficulties that somebody accused of a crime might be going through so it is important to have somebody there that can be a steady guide throughout and to provide some sort of reassurance, as well as help people understand what is happening and what is ahead. An attorney should provide a high degree of reassurance to the client during their Norwalk sex crimes investigation.