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    Your Car After a Stamford DUI

    If a person is charged and arrested with a DUI and they are alone in the car, the car is towed to one of the local impounds. The person will be responsible for getting the car out of the impound and paying whatever fees are associated with the tow and storage of the vehicle.

    If there is a sober passenger in the car who can drive the car home, the law enforcement officer will let that person drive the car home.

    To better understand exactly what will happen to your car after a Stamford DUI, it is important to contact a DUI attorney in Stamford as soon as possible. A seasoned lawyer can assist in retrieving your vehicle from an impound lot, as well as build a defense to help minimize or dismiss any penalties associated with your charge.

    Retrieving the Car

    A person should bring their driver’s license and any fees that are associated with the police impound lot for the tow and storing of the car after a DUI arrest in Stamford.

    A DUI lawyer can make retrieving the car a lot easier by contacting the police for information regarding the tow company and the location of the police impound it was towed to. The car should be picked up as soon as possible to save on storage fees.

    Retrieving the car is usually a simple experience. As long as the person pays the fees to the impound lots, then they will be given the keys and can drive the car out.

    Search of the Vehicle

    The police can search a car under several circumstances. The most common being search incident to arrest. When the police arrest a person, they will search the car to check for contraband or evidence of any other crimes that were going on in the area. They will also inventory the contents of the car to make sure that everything is in the car when it is picked up.

    A DUI case can be affected by any illegal substance that the officer found in the car after a Stamford DUI. The person may be charged an additional offense that will be resolved separately.

    This finding could put the officer on alert to be testing for more than just alcohol to see if the individual is under the influence of drugs while operating the vehicle as well.

    Benefit of a Lawyer

    Stamford lawyers will secure a copy of the reports, ascertain where the car was impounded, and what, if anything, was found in the car during a Stamford DUI arrest.

    If there were valuables in the vehicle, they can check the police inventory list and start the process to get their vehicle back.