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    Stamford DUI Without a License Charge

    Someone charged with a DUI while driving without a license is facing two separate charges. The first being the DUI itself, and the second being driving without a license. Depending on the severity of these charges, an individual may be facing both jail time and hefty fines.

    To properly defend against such consequences, it is imperative to consult with an experienced Stamford DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Experienced legal counsel can help an individual challenge their Stamford DUI without a license charge by crafting a strong defense against the prosecution’s allegations.

    Aggravating Elements of the Charge

    There is a special subsection for driving without a license which carries mandatory minimum jail time. Even if a person’s DUI has a small amount of jail time attached to it, driving without a license in Stamford can complicate and increase the jail time the person is looking at.

    Stamford law enforcement takes license suspensions because of a DUI very seriously, because to get that license back, the person needs to have an ignition interlock device in their car. If they do not have that or the individual tries to get around it, there are serious penalties.

    Driving on a Suspended License

    When a person is driving on a suspended license, it makes the case much more difficult to deal with. Connecticut takes this charge very seriously, as it shows that an individual has a suspended license because of a DUI and continues to drive without following the rules of the ignition interlock device.

    An individual will be looking at jail time because of their DUI without a license charge in Stamford.

    Out of State Drivers

    How DUI without a license charges are handled in Stamford for out of state drivers depends on the state the individual is from. If the person is from Connecticut, they are going to have their privileges to drive in Connecticut suspended.

    If a person lives in a state that reciprocates suspensions, then their license will also be suspended in their home state.

    DUIs in Other Jurisdictions

    DUIs in Stamford differ somewhat from nearby jurisdictions. For instance, in New York, a DUI can be substituted for a less serious charge, and may be considered a violation.

    However, in Stamford, there is no lesser charge of a DUI. When a person is charged with a DUI without a license, that is what they are charged with.

    If the individual pleads to something where they are exposed to jail time, for instance, in New York, when a person pleads to the lesser offense of driving while impaired, they may receive 15 days of jail time.

    However, Stamford will treat that as if the person pled guilty to a DUI in Connecticut, even though the jail time is different.

    Benefit of an Attorney

    A local attorney can help an out-of-state driver by explaining the difference in their state and Connecticut, explain to them how Connecticut works, what the effects on their license are going to be, and help them through the process.

    If an individual is facing a charge of driving without a license as part of their Stamford DUI charge, an experienced lawyer can help them understand the consequences of the allegation as well as any possible defense strategies that may be able to help reduce such penalties.