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    Stamford DUI Defense Strategies

    When an individual is arrested for driving under the influence in Stamford, it may often be the result of failed field sobriety tests that law enforcement will administer during a traffic stop. However, these tests can be defended using an experienced Stamford DUI lawyer.

    They will know important information, such as that a person’s blood alcohol level is at its highest about an hour after they stop drinking. Depending on when the tests had been administered, an attorney may be able to use this as a Stamford DUI defense strategy.

    However, the most common defenses include those that surround the breathalyzer. To determine how to effectively defend against the results of your Stamford breathalyzer test, contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

    Breathalyzer Defenses

    A person’s breath test can be used as a defense strategy in their Stamford DUI case if there is something wrong with the breathalyzer.

    Another defense strategy is if there is a reason to think that the officer administered the test and it registered incorrectly, if the machine had not been serviced or repaired in a long time, or if there had been a history of issues with it.

    Also, if there was a discrepancy between the first breathalyzer and the second breathalyzer, that can raise some defenses as well. A breathalyzer can provide an individual with many defenses when facing a Stamford DUI charge.

    Effect of Alcohol-based Products

    Alcohol-based products like cough syrup and mouthwash can affect the breathalyzer results. The breathalyzer is very sensitive to the amount of alcohol on the breath sample. Any sort of alcohol based substance, such as cough syrup or mouthwash, could certainly increase the amount of alcohol in an individual’s system, giving them a false positive.

    That is why the police have these procedures to make sure that they monitor the person for a certain amount of time and make sure they have not ingested anything like cough syrup or mouthwash right before they take the breath test.

    Physiological and Oral Conditions

    There are some physiological and oral conditions that can result in a false positive breath test, registering that a person is drunk.

    When someone is burping or their stomach acid is an issue, that can cause the machine to register a false positive. This can be a result of acid reflux or auto-brewery syndrome.

    Benefit of an Attorney

    When trying to build a defense strategy for their Stamford DUI case, an individual must provide their attorney with the documents the police gave them and tell them anything they can recall about how the test was done. This is in an attempt to show the errors of the police who were trying to administer the test.

    Anything the individual can remember and any documents they have are all very important to the establishment of a defense.