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    Expert Witnesses in Stamford DUI Cases

    Following a DUI arrest, you may be wondering what the best way to build your case is. While documenting everything and collecting evidence is important, witnesses can also be helpful in a DUI case. Expert witnesses in Stamford DUI cases can be an asset to the defense and can testify to the validity of your case. An experienced DUI lawyer can retain the services of expert witnesses that can strengthen your defense.

    What Is An Expert Witness?

    Someone is considered an expert witness in Stamford, and all of Connecticut if they have knowledge beyond what a layperson would have. Someone who has specialized knowledge about field sobriety tests, breath tests, or any medical conditions that somebody has.

    Expert witnesses in Stamford DUI cases testify at the trial, on an individual’s behalf, and may be able to give an opinion about the area of their expertise.

    Weight of Expert Testimony

    The weight of an expert’s testimony depends on the expert, how they present themselves to the jury, and how experienced they are. But at the end of the day, the jury has to decide how much weight to give the expert’s testimony. They can totally disregard the expert or they can believe one expert over the other or believe both and decide who they think is the right outcome for the case.

    Role of an Expert Witness in the Prosecution’s Case

    The role of expert witnesses in Stamford DUI cases is to educate the jury about the science that is being used in the case. For example, an expert witness might explain how a breathalyzer works or, why the standardized field sobriety tests are useful, and why they show someone as under the influence of alcohol. The prosecution will put on an expert witness to basically teach the jury exactly what is going on behind the science.

    The expert witness the prosecution will call would be someone from the Connecticut State Lab to validate the tests; a police officer who has special training in drug recognition or in DUIs that can be offered as expert witnesses.

    Methods of Challenging the Prosecution

    A DUI attorney can refute the challenge from government experts in basically two ways. The first is to get their own expert, who is also an expert in the same field, and have them read the same data but hopefully, come to a different conclusion. The other is for the defense attorney to poke holes in the job that the prosecution expert’s testimony. If the prosecution expert overlooked any data; if their opinion is not based in fact; or they are not using sound, scientific principles; they will be able to cross-examine them and expose those weaknesses.

    How Defense Attorneys Use Expert Witnesses

    Expert witnesses in Stamford DUI cases can greatly help a person’s defense. There are going to be expert witnesses on a variety of topics. If the defendant has any medical conditions that could have affected the field sobriety test or the breathalyzer, an expert will be necessary to tell the jury about that.

    An individual can have an expert talk about how field sobriety tests are not useful and do not show that people are drunk, or they can use experts to refute the prosecution’s expert and say they are doing their job wrong.

    Witnesses the Defense Might Call

    The defense attorney may call a doctor who knows about the defendant’s medical condition, e.g., he has stomach issues that might affect the breath test; or someone who is very well versed in DUIs and field sobriety tests who can explain that the original studies found in the test were no good.
    Experts Testifying During Trial

    No matter which side they are testifying for, the expert will have a chance to testify at trial about what they are an expert in; how they have experience in that field; the data they reviewed in anticipation of the trial; and what their opinion is. The expert will be cross-examined by the other side to try to challenge their opinion. Then it is up to the jury to decide the merits of the case.

    Benefits of Working With an Attorney

    The benefit of working with an experienced DUI attorney is that they will have established relationships with reputable expert witnesses. By working with trustworthy and knowledgeable expert witnesses in Stamford DUI cases, an attorney can make a person’s defense a lot stronger.

    A well-connected DUI attorney will have used experts in the past and knows if they are good on the stand, that they do a good job, and they have a good reputation. Trying to find an expert for someone who is not experienced in court could hurt you, and hurt your case. Work with a qualified attorney that can connect you with the right experts, and can advocate for you.