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    Drug and Alcohol Interactions in Stamford DUIs

    The mixing of drugs and alcohol in a Stamford DUI case may necessitate the state to call an expert witness to testify about that interaction and how it may affect a person. They can also determine how this interaction will affect the individual based on the levels that are produced by the drug tests or breathalyzer results.

    These claims could make the state’s job a little more complicated when attempting to prove that an individual was significantly impaired by the mixing of drugs and alcohol in a Stamford DUI case.

    To understand how to use this knowledge proactively and to assist in producing a positive result, it is important that an individual does not hesitate before consulting with an experienced Stamford DUI lawyer.

    Mixing of Drugs and Alcohol

    The mixing of drugs and alcohol in a Stamford DUI case can create a lot more room for reasonable doubt. There is a lot more room for arguments to show that the mixing of the drugs and alcohol did not affect the driver, and that it was a situation where the symptoms just looked like the person was affected.

    Potential Penalties

    The penalties an individual may face for the interaction of drugs and alcohol in their Stamford DUI case are the same as any other DUI.

    It does not matter if it is drugs, alcohol, or a combination of the two when a court is determining penalties. However, it is something that gets taken into account when it comes to the plea bargain deals and sentencing offered.

    Prescription Drugs

    A safely prescribed dose of prescription drugs mixing with an alcoholic beverage can easily get an individual into DUI trouble.

    For example, a prescription drug like Xanax is one that specifically advises that the user does not combine it with any alcohol. There is a warning on the bottle specifically for that action. One drink can be enough to seriously impair someone in combination with a prescription drug like Xanax.

    Even something as small as a simple glass of wine with a safely prescribed dose of a drug can be enough to make somebody face a Stamford DUI charge.

    Unexpected Impairment

    An individual may be unexpectedly impaired by the interaction of drugs and alcohol in their Stamford DUI case because of inexperience. If someone has never mixed drugs and alcohol before and they do not think about the consequences, then they can certainly sneak up on them. Suddenly, the individual may be driving while impaired when they were not expecting it.

    These cases are typically litigated with the use of experts and testimony of witnesses who saw that the person was capable of driving when they got in the car. An attorney can go into the details of what mixes with what and how it affects that person.

    To best combat any allegations by the prosecution regarding the interaction of drugs and alcohol in a Stamford DUI case, an individual should be sure to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.