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    Stamford Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer

    Prescription drugs are drugs that were prescribed to a person by a doctor for a variety of conditions. To have these drugs in their possession, it is key that an individual have a valid prescription from a physician.

    The use of these drugs while operating a vehicle can sometimes result in a DUI. Vicodin and Xanax are among the most common prescription drugs known to cause drug DUIs.

    If you are currently facing such charges, it is important to secure the help of a Stamford DUID attorney as soon as possible. A knowledgeable prescription drug DUI lawyer in Stamford can build a case to help minimize or dismiss any potential penalties associated with the charge.

    Bringing Forward the Charge

    To charge an individual with a prescription drug DUI, the drug must have an impairing effect on the person when the person is operating the vehicle.

    When proving the charge, the prosecution must show that the person was driving the car, that they were under the influence of prescription drugs, and that those prescription drugs impaired their ability to drive. To combat these allegations, it is crucial that an individual hire a Stamford prescription drug DUI lawyer immediately.

    Experiencing Unexpected Side Effects

    Experiencing unexpected side effects from taking the prescription drugs could potentially help the case and could help the person obtain a positive resolution.

    This is because an individual can get testimony from a doctor or from an expert that would help show that their reaction is not normal. It will not necessarily get the DUI thrown out, but it could help the prosecutor be more reasonable when coming to a resolution.

    With this being said, an individual is held accountable for knowing the effects of their medication and to avoid driving while experiencing effects of their medication that would make driving an issue.

    Potential Penalties

    If convicted of a prescription drug DUI charge, a person can have their license suspended for between six months and a year depending on if they refused or took the breathalyzer or urine test.

    For the first conviction, an individual can spend six months in jail, two days of which are a mandatory minimum. Instead of the two days, a person may also complete 100 hours of community service. To prevent such penalties, an individual should contact a Stamford prescription drug DUI attorney as soon as they learn of their charge.

    The person will have to do substance abuse and treatment, a victim impact panel, and will be on probation after being convicted of the charge. This will involve regular visits from a probation officer and a restriction on travel.

    Role of Experts

    A drug recognition expert is a police officer highly trained in recognizing when someone is under the influence of drugs, specifically when driving. There are very few of them in Connecticut, but they are very experienced, very highly trained, and are very good at their job.

    They help the state obtain a conviction by explaining everything they saw, all the tests that they run, and why they think that the person was under the influence of drugs.

    Relevant Case Information

    When facing a prescription drug DUI charge, it is very important to prove a person has a prescription for the drugs. If someone does not have a prescription for the drugs, they can also be charged with illegal possession of narcotics.

    The Stamford prescription drug DUI attorney will investigate who the doctor is, what effects those drugs have, and any possible defense that may be available, such as unintended side-effects and the mimicking of intoxicated symptoms.

    It is necessary for an individual to give the prescription drug DUI lawyer in Stamford any documents related to the arrest, any prescription information, their medical provider, any witnesses who were around and saw the person before and after they were driving, and anything else the person can remember about their interaction with the police from when the person got pulled over to when they let the person go.

    Benefit of an Attorney

    It is very important for an individual to contact a Stamford prescription drug DUI lawyer because fighting the charges on one’s own can be very difficult, and one can jeopardize the case without knowing it.

    An experienced prescription drug DUI lawyer in Stamford knows what evidence to look for, who to talk to in the prosecutor’s office, what to ask for from the police, how to help fight a license suspension, and how to attack the case in the best way possible.

    If a person tries to do that on their own, they may be successful, but they may also very well dig themselves into a hole they cannot get out of.