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    Substance Abuse Evaluations in Stamford DUID Cases

    In Stamford, substance abuse evaluations are normally done through the court. The court will refer a person to what is called the AIC, and the AIC will administer the evaluation. Alternately, a person can get them done privately.

    A person may either be evaluated through the court at no cost or by a private investigator.

    To determine how an individual may proceed with a substance abuse evaluation in Stamford, it is imperative that they consult with an attorney as soon as possible. A knowledgeable DUID lawyer in Stamford can help guide an individual through the legal processes associated with a DUI charge.

    Court Ordered Evaluation

    The state would never require someone to undergo their own evaluation, but it could be something they ask the court to order. In that case, the court could require someone to undergo a Stamford substance abuse evaluation.

    Often times, the lawyer will decide if an evaluation is necessary to build a good track record with the court.

    Purpose of an Evaluation

    The substance abuse evaluations in Stamford are intended to inform the court and the prosecutor if there are underlying substance abuse issues that need to be addressed in the course of a case.

    The benefits of undergoing a Stamford substance abuse evaluation is that it is an opportunity to show to the court that the person does not have any sort of substance abuse issue and that, if the person does, that they have taken steps to treat it.

    Many times, someone will have a problem with alcohol and they will not be able to get a good disposition with their case unless they get treatment.

    If a person does not have a substance issue then the case can be resolved more easily. If the person does, then the case will not be resolved until the person addresses those issues.

    Consequences of a Substance Evaluation

    The consequences of a Stamford substance abuse evaluation that indicates a pattern of abuse is that the person will need to get meaningful treatment.

    The treatment can last for a long time and it could make it difficult for the person to get any sort of diversionary program until they do so.

    If a substance abuse evaluation indicates an addictive behavior, the court and the prosecutor will want to see that the person is getting treatment for any addictions that they have. This will not play a part in any other issues the person has with the court in the future.

    If an evaluation shows no tendency to have future problems with substance abuse, it makes the case a little easier to resolve. An attorney can point to the evaluation to show that this was a one-time occurrence and will not happen again.

    Process of a Substance Abuse Test

    A substance abuse evaluation in Stamford is usually conducted in two parts. There is an objective test where the person answers yes or no questions, and a subjective part where the person answers questions from the interviewer about how the person feels about their drinking habits and any past substance abuse issues.

    A person normally answers these questions in person with someone who has a certification in evaluations. A person who is administering the substance abuse evaluation in Stamford should have some sort of degree such as a medical doctor, or someone who is a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. It should be someone with specific training in giving these evaluations.