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    Benefit of a Stamford Theft Lawyer

    No matter how serious the theft charges, it is important to contact an attorney. While you may feel the urge to defend yourself, most experienced theft lawyers would caution against that. The benefit of a Stamford theft lawyer is that they possess the knowledge and skill to defend you. Let a qualified attorney guide you through the theft trial process.

    Severity of Theft Charges

    The value of the property taken or the way in which it was taken, is going to define the seriousness of the crime. Larceny, no matter what was taken, is always going to be a crime. The only question is what level the crime is. It could be anywhere from a very low misdemeanor all the way up to a Class B Felony, which is the second highest degree of a crime. A Class B Felony carries up to 20 years in prison.

    If the defendant is facing a larceny charge, they will need to know what to do to protect their rights, what they can do to defend themselves, and what they can do to get the best result possible which, in some cases, maybe to get all the charges removed or dismissed. In other cases, it may be to reduce the charges and mitigate the amount of punishment that they could be sentenced to.

    It is important to keep a criminal history off of anyone’s record because of any crime, whatever the level, will have adverse consequences. A criminal record will affect employment opportunities, opportunities to serve the public, or otherwise participate in a variety of opportunities. The benefit of a Stamford theft lawyer is that they can fight tirelessly to protect their potential client’s access to opportunities.

    If an individual is charged with theft, they can expect that the attorney would like to know what the property at issue was, what the value of that property was, and the circumstances in which the person came to possess that property.

    Utility of Seeking Legal Counsel

    A person should hire a lawyer to make sure that their rights are properly identified and defended. There a lot of different rights that come up in different contexts that any particular person charged with a crime may have, like the right to remain silent and the right to be heard on the amount of bail or bond.

    There is criminal procedure, but also before going to court, there is the dealing with the police or the other person identified as the victim not being that the person whose property it is supposed to be. The benefit of a Stamford theft attorney is that they can guide the defendant through all of those situations.

    It is important for a person to consult a lawyer so that the person can understand all of that the rights and rules applicable to criminal cases and the way that is most advantageous to the person being accused of the crime. The other important thing is to be able to gather and understand the evidence that is favorable to the person accused. A lawyer can know what kind of information is germane to the case and gather the evidence that is the most useful to an individual’s defense.

    Importance of Working With Experienced Attorneys

    The benefit of a Stamford theft lawyer is the amount of experience they have. Attorneys handle theft cases of varying degrees of seriousness on a regular basis. They regularly get the cases like petty shoplifting, which is a sixth-degree larceny, all the way up to the most serious versions of larceny, which would be the first-degree larceny.

    They almost always have a case that is active that deals with theft or larceny and handle that at all stages from the investigation part, which is before even the police have even made an arrest, all the way through trial, including in every stage investigating and gathering information, gathering evidence, and presenting information to the court that is helpful to the defendant. There is not a lot of surprises that will come their way when dealing with the case involving theft or larceny because they have done and continue to do it on a regular basis.

    When Should a Person Contact a Lawyer

    A person should contact a lawyer as soon as they are aware of the potential for charges. If there is any reason to believe that an investigation is ongoing with regard to that particular person by the police or other governmental authority, a person should be in touch with a legal advocate at that moment.

    Contacting an Attorney

    There are many different forms of punishment and ways in which somebody can be steered towards engaging more rehabilitation. A good criminal defense attorney will help get the person the optimal result that works best for them.

    The benefit of a Stamford theft lawyer is that they will have the necessary knowledge to build a solid defense for you. If you have been charged with theft, you should contact a lawyer so that your rights are protected to the maximum extent and so that you can obtain the best possible result.