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    Reduced Sentencing Options in Stamford Theft Cases

    When making a case for reduced sentencing options in Stamford theft cases, an attorney can suggest rehabilitation by probation to help a potential client avoid jail time. An experienced theft lawyer can try convincing the judge and prosecutor to accept resolution of cases that involve more probation/rehabilitation by showing that a particular punishment would be more appropriate for this particular defendant.

    If an attorney can show that the individual being accused is a good person, the judge and prosecutor may be understanding of their moment of bad judgment. The state may be less likely to focus on punishment by way of imprisonment and more likely to focus on the opportunity to rehabilitate through probation or other types of programs.

    Likelihood of an Appeal

    A theft conviction, just like any criminal conviction, can be appealed. Every person convicted of a crime, any crime, has the right to appeal the charges. Contacting an experienced defense attorney after conviction will also be helpful in terms of assessing the likelihood of success on appeal or whether there are any viable arguments to make an appeal, with the hopes of getting the conviction vacated or potentially getting a new trial.

    How does Someone Accept an Appeal?

    The defense attorney will be there to provide legal advice and counseling throughout the entire process to help the defendant understand the nature of the charges, the nature of the process, what decisions need to be made, and what to do or not do throughout the criminal justice process.

    These decisions include whether or not to accept a plea deal; whether to go to trial; and whether to the defendant should testify at trial. These are things that the defense attorney will provide critical guidance on throughout the process.

    Someone facing these charges should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as they understand or believe that they are being investigated for or have been charged with a theft charge.

    Role of a Potential Client

    The value of the property taken or the way in which it was taken, is going to define the seriousness of the crime. Larceny, no matter what was taken, is always going to be a crime. The only question is what level the crime is. It could be anywhere from a very low misdemeanor all the way up to a Class B Felony, which is the second highest degree of a crime. A Class B Felony carries up to 20 years in prison.

    If the defendant is facing a larceny charge, they should have an understanding of their rights. It is important to keep a criminal history off their record. A criminal record will affect employment opportunities, opportunities to serve the public, or otherwise participate in a variety of opportunities.

    Hiring an Attorney

    Abundant support in terms of helping the defendant understand what is ahead by advocating on the individual’s behalf, protecting their rights, and gather the information necessary to present the best defense possible. It may be critical to hire an attorney to begin seeking reduced sentencing options in Stamford theft cases.

    Once a person is convicted, the main reason to hire an experienced defense attorney would be to look into whether there are opportunities to have their case pardoned. That person will need to wait at least five years, but there is a possibility, under Connecticut Law, that a person convicted of a crime can apply for a pardon by the Governor, and that the Governor may grant such pardon.