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    Building a Defense for Stamford Shoplifting Charges

    In order to find an individual guilty of shoplifting in Stamford, the prosecution must prove that the person took property with the intention of depriving the store of that property and that they took the property without being entitled to take it. When these allegations arise, it is important to contact a Stamford shoplifting lawyer as soon as possible so that they may begin building a defense and protecting the rights of those accused. An experienced attorney can help examine the evidence involved and assist in building a defense based on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the case.

    Potential Defense Strategies in Shoplifting Cases

    One defense strategy in Stamford shoplifting cases is preserving the types of evidence that are needed to confirm or deny the charges. In a shoplifting setting, there usually is some form of surveillance. Getting the video and surveillance is important. It may not be to the defendant’s benefit if it shows the person clearly taking the property in a way that does not appear to be justified. On the other hand, it may show that the defendant either did not take the property or took it in a way that supports the idea that it was unknowing or unwitting. For example, perhaps the person put it in the bottom of his or her cart but did not take it out of the bottom of the cart when he or she went to pay at the register. In that instance, it would start to make it a lot more likely that the person did not knowingly take anything from the store. The person put it there fully intending to pay for it, forgot that it was there, had a lot of items, and had paid for all the other items. It would appear to be a viable defense under those circumstances.

    In a shoplifting setting like any other time, attorneys look to see if they can find evidence that would show whether or not this incident occurred, what degree the charges should be, and what type of evidence will be available most likely through the video as well as any other potential witnesses and people that might have been there with the person at that time.

    First Steps an Attorney Can Take

    The steps a lawyer will take include speaking to the client, seeking to preserve any evidence from the store, particularly the video surveillance, and speaking to any other people that might have been there with the defendant or might have seen the situation and may be able to shed appropriate light on what was happening at that time.

    Importance of An Attorney

    An experienced shoplifting attorney can help by making the client aware of what options may be available. One size does not fit all. There are certain things, depending on the person’s life that are more important to some people than others. For example, some people are not as concerned about the stigma of having a record and a particular charge on their criminal history but are very concerned about having any imprisonment.

    Other people may say that they would be willing to do some time of imprisonment if it meant that they can have a lower version of the crime or diminished as a criminal record. Some people may need certain forms of treatment and the condition that created the need for the sort of treatment may be available to them through certain conditions of probation and that can be something that can be shown to the judge and/or prosecutor in terms of working out a deal in a potential disposition that focuses more on probation and rehabilitation as opposed to punishment.

    The attorney will help the defendant identify the different ways that he or she can resolve this case in a way that creates and imposes the least amount of problems and interruptions to his or her life.