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    Stamford Shoplifting Reduced Sentencing

    Shoplifting is different from other theft-related offenses only in the way that it is committed. It is unique only in the sense that it can only be done at a store, where the store is displaying goods. Other than that, it is the same.

    Distinguished shoplifting attorneys approach would differ based on the evidence they have obtained. They may focus more on the video surveillance that is available when seeking Stamford shoplifting reduced sentencing.

    Theft-Related Offenses

    There are some opportunities for defenses that may not be available as much in other cases. One of which is that somebody unknowingly took something out of the store. That commonly happens when people put something on the lower part of their cart, mistakenly forget to put it on the counter and pay for it, and leave the store with it.

    There is also almost always video surveillance available and that can show what happened and potentially support the person’s defense. There are also receipts of transactions related to the sale of those goods if in fact the property was obtained in a rightful manner and it was just a misunderstanding.

    Evidence in Shoplifting Defenses

    Obtaining the video of the location where the item(s) was taken. It is likely that video evidence is present in Stamford shoplifting reduced sentencing cases. If the defendant is claiming innocence, that they did not take it, or that they did it under a mistaken impression, the video might be very helpful to show what happened and why it happened.

    Lawyers can try to establish the value of the property, return the property to the store. If possible, they will try to design a plan then will satisfy the prosecutor and the store from which the property was taken so that they are not looking for more severe forms of punishment.

    Role of a Prosecutor

    The prosecution will need to prove that the person took goods from the store and that those goods were displayed for sale in the store. It must be indisputable that the person converted those goods to their own use or possession with the intention of doing so without paying for it.

    Possible Sentence Reduction

    A defense attorney can try to make sure that the property taken is either returned or the value of the property is paid back to the store from which it was taken, compile information that will show the judge or a prosecutor that the person accused of shoplifting is otherwise a very good person. When seeking Stamford shoplifting reduced sentencing, lawyers can try showing that this incident represents a serious deviation from hid otherwise normal and good character.

    What Can a Lawyer do to Help?

    The attorney can help the defendant investigate the claim more properly to give them the best opportunity to present the best defense. The attorney could give the person better opportunities to mitigate any sentence that may be imposed; help the defendant identify any programs or opportunities for probation or mitigated sentences that may be available. They can also help the defendant understand the process and their rights and responsibilities.

    Defining Roles in an Arraignment

    At an arraignment, the attorney will be seeking a reduced bond from the judge. The lower the level of bond will be the least restrictive and the least amount of money; the least restricted set of non-financial conditions that the judge is willing to entertain in order to help secure the person’s freedom while the case is pending. An arraignment is to present somebody with a charge and decide whether they are going to be held while those charges are pending.

    If the individual is not going to be held, the judge will decide what amount of money the defendant needs to put up by way of bond; and what, if any, non-financial conditions that need to be put in place while the defendant is released from custody pending the criminal charges. The attorney will try to get everything as least restrictive as possible to ensure that the defendant will be released from custody.

    Benefit of an Attorney

    A person charged with a crime would have a better chance of getting Stamford shoplifting reduced sentencing with an attorney that is familiar with the system and how it works. As soon as they become aware of the charges against them, they should contact an attorney. An experienced shoplifting lawyer begins a case by trying to understand the defendant’s version of events and discussing details of the case.