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    Stamford Speeding Penalties

    Many people believe that speeding is not a serious charge. All that an individual has to do is pay their ticket, and they will be on their way. However, the fact of the matter is, repeated speeding offenses can become pricey and have serious consequences for individuals. If you want to know more about Stamford speeding penalties, get in contact with a qualified speeding attorney that can help.

    Potential Penalties

    Stamford speeding penalties range in their severity and impact on an individual’s life. If a person pleads not guilty, the person must attend court. In the interest of dropping the case, the person will have to pay a fine. Fines for speeding tickets are usually $100 to $150.

    If a person goes to court and is still required to pay the fine, they are also charged court fees and costs. It would be the original fine plus an additional amount determined by the court.

    If the person is convicted of speeding, they may also face license suspension, depending on their driving history and their age. It is an automatic point on their driving record.

    Repeat Speeding Offenses

    In Connecticut, if a person has four or more speeding tickets or any other moving violations within two years, their license is automatically suspended for 30 days. That is a DMV law, so it is not something that can be fought in court. However, it is something that can be reopened if someone pleads guilty without realizing that their license is going to be suspended.

    If an individual receives notice in the mail, they can go to court within four months of paying the fine, motion to reopen the ticket, tell the judge they did not understand that they were facing a license suspension, and fight it. Also, their auto rates go up and their insurance rates.

    How a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help

    If an individual hires a lawyer before they plead not guilty, the lawyer can send it in for them on their behalf and be the liaison between them and the court or the DMV. The speeding attorney will make sure that the driver’s ticket gets in the DMV and judicial systems, in order to help the individual avoid more stringent Stamford speeding penalties.

    Sometimes the date that the individual gets put on is inconvenient for work or another reason. Lawyers can try to move that date for them if need be. An attorney might also attend court on the driver’s behalf. Generally, the driver has to attend, but they will not have to go into the courtroom to speak to the prosecutor.

    When the lawyer goes on the driver’s behalf, they get there early and present the prosecutor with background information on the driver. If the person has a clean driving history before this, they would tell them that and give other information, like what they do for a living. Sometimes based on these facts, the attorney is able to have the court drop the ticket.

    Charitable Contribution in Exchange for Ticket Drop

    Sometimes the court will put up a little bit of a fight. If there are some other tickets on the driver’s background the court is not usually willing to drop it as easily. Sometimes the court will drop the ticket in exchange for a charitable contribution.

    A charitable contribution is when the court picks a charity, like a victim’s compensation fund, and has a defendant make a donation to that charity instead of paying the ticket’s fine.

    If a defendant is able to do this instead of pay the fine, the ticket will be dropped and will not be put on the driver’s record. The court will send the individual to the clerk’s office and pay a fine that is usually a lot more than the ticket, even double the ticket. For example, if the ticket was $150, the court would make the driver pay a $300 contribution. Once the contribution is made, the court will dismiss their ticket. If you want to know more about facing and/or mitigating Stamford speeding penalties, speak with a skilled speeding lawyer today.