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    What to Expect Following a Stamford Speeding Ticket

    Speeding might seem like a minor crime but it can have major implications, especially if you are a repeat offender. You may not know what to expect following a Stamford speeding ticket are realistic, which is why legal counsel can be vital. If you have been charged with reckless driving, and/or have been pulled over for speeding, a qualified speeding lawyer can help. An experienced attorney can defend you in traffic court and can fight to assure that your rights are being protected.

    Are Reckless Driving Charges Speeding Tickets?

    Many people do not know what to expect following a Stamford speeding ticket, especially regarding whether it is a criminal charge or not. Reckless driving is a criminal charge, but it looks like a speeding ticket.

    If a person gets pulled over for reckless driving, the officer will write the reckless driving statute on the ticket and give the person a summons. Sometimes a person will get it and assume that it is just a speeding ticket but it is actually a summons for a misdemeanor charge. Technically this is considered an arrest.

    The difference is that the reckless driving summons will have a date that a person has to go to court. If an individual is given a speeding ticket, it will tell the individual to pay a fine by a certain date.

    Common Ways Speeding Tickets Are Issued

    Speeding tickets are mainly issued by officers after pulling a driver over. There are only a few traffic light cameras in Stamford. People usually do not get Speeding tickets by mail, they are usually issued by officers pulling people over. what to expect following a Stamford speeding ticket

    Expectations Following a Ticket

    Drivers will get a physical ticket from the officer. It will have a date on it and they either have to pay the fine or plead not guilty. If a driver decides to plead not guilty, they have to send it in. If they hire an attorney, the attorney will send it in for them. It goes into the system and into the DMV database. The DMV filters it, processes it as not guilty and issues a court date for the driver.

    It usually takes about a month to get through the system, because there is such a high volume of tickets. Once the driver pleads not guilty, it will eventually get in the system and the DMV will get back to that driver with the court date. Then, the person has to go to court on that date.

    Paid Tickets as Charitable Contributions

    Individuals can write off tickets as charitable contributions. A ticket is tax-deductible and then no report is issued to auto insurance companies or the DMV. If the DMV did have a report and the person was going to have their license suspended, once they pay they avoid the suspension.

    When to Go to Traffic Court for a Speeding Ticket

    If a driver pleads not guilty, they always have to attend court. Sometimes, if a driver is represented by an attorney, they can be excused from the court if they have work or something of that nature, but generally, in Stamford, Norwalk, and the surrounding courts, the driver must attend court if they plead not guilty.

    If they are issued or if they are charged with reckless driving and given a misdemeanor reckless driving summons, the driver is always required to attend court. If you want to know more about what to expect following a Stamford speeding ticket speak with a skilled speeding ticket attorney today.