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    Weston Sugar Daddy Extortion Lawyer

    Whether it starts through an in-person meeting or entirely online, being a “sugar baby” accepting money from a “sugar daddy” in exchange for intimate companionship exists within a gray area of the Connecticut Penal code, which can make the ends of such relationships complicated on both personal and legal levels. If your current or former “sugar daddy” has accused of you of extorting money out of them, you need to make it a priority to speak with a Weston “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer about constructing a strong defense strategy, since that accusation could very quickly turn into felony-level criminal charges.

    Possible Grounds for a “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Charge

    The reason being a “sugar baby” is not against the law in Connecticut is not because it is expressly legal under the Connecticut Penal Code, but rather because the Connecticut Penal Code as currently written in 2023 does not address this sort of relationship at all. While selling sexual services directly qualifies as illegal prostitution, selling intimate companionship which may or may not include sex is not, and refusing to provide that service for a “sugar daddy” who refuses to meet a specified price point is not threatening harm to them to a degree which would justify criminal charges for extortion.

    Likewise, threatening to reveal the nature of a “sugar daddy” relationship to that person’s family, friends, or business colleagues may still be a criminal offense under certain circumstances, but the threat alone does not serve as valid grounds specifically for a charge of Extortion. That only happens if both of the scenarios above are combined: demanding money or other property from a “sugar daddy” while also threatening to harm them if they do not provide that money or property. A Weston “sugar daddy” extortion attorney can go into further detail as needed about exactly how the law addresses this sort of situation and what repercussions an ensuing criminal charge may have.

    Dealing With Civil Liability for an Extortion Scheme

    In addition to any criminal penalties stemming from an alleged attempt to extort a “sugar daddy,” a “sugar baby” who actually makes good on a threat to harm their “sugar daddy” if they refuse to pay them what they have demanded may also face civil liability for their actions. Specifically, their “sugar daddy” may have grounds to sue them for specific damages they suffered as a result of the extortion scheme, including both economic losses and non-economic forms of harm.

    Importantly, a “sugar baby” who harms a “sugar daddy” by revealing private information about them may be civilly liable for their actions even if the information they revealed was completely truthful. As a “sugar daddy” extortion defense lawyer in Weston can explain, the fact that harm occurred in any form is the important thing in this sort of claim, not necessarily whether the actions leading to the harm were themselves illegal.

    Contact a Weston “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Attorney for Help

    Extorting anyone for any amount of money in Connecticut can lead to hefty prison sentences and thousands of dollars in fines. Additionally, you may have to deal with financial penalties in civil court if you harmed the target of such a scheme in any way through your actions. Put simply, allegations that you extorted someone who was or is a “sugar daddy” for you is an extremely serious matter, and representation from a Weston “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer can make a world of difference in whether you can defend yourself effectively against those accusations. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today to schedule a confidential consultation, and click here to view what previous clients have said about working with our trusted team.