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    Weston Sextortion Lawyer

    If you are accused of spreading around intimate images sent in confidence or threatening to do so, you could benefit greatly from representation from a Weston sextortion lawyer to preserve your rights and future prospects. Speak to an experienced attorney for legal guidance.

    How Does Connecticut Law Address Revenge Porn?

    The term “sextortion” is used colloquially to refer to offenses involving the threatened or actual dissemination of intimate images without the depicted party’s consent. However, that word does not actually appear anywhere in Connecticut state law. Instead, law enforcement authorities typically prosecute these types of allegations under one of two state statutes depending on what the defendant is accused of doing.

    Connecticut General Statutes §53a-189c criminalizes the act of distributing an explicit image of someone without that person’s consent. For this action to qualify as a criminal offense under this statute, the depicted party must have had a reasonable expectation that the image in question would remain confidential, and the dissemination of the image must have caused them direct harm.

    What are the Criminal Penalties for Sextortion?

    Violating C.G.S. §53a-189c is a Class A misdemeanor offense, which means that a conviction could result in punishments of a one-year maximum jail sentence plus a maximum $2,000 fine. A Weston sextortion attorney could further explain how state authorities approach this offense and what options an accused person might have for defending themselves.

    Is Sextortion a Felony Offense?

    “Sextortion” may be prosecuted as a violation of C.G.S. §53a-122(a)(1), which defines the offense of larceny in the first degree. Someone who takes possession of intimate images and threatens to disseminate them unless the depicted party pays a ransom may be charged with larceny via extortion. This is automatically a Class B felony punishable by a prison sentence of one to 20 years plus $15,000 in fines.

    Additionally, anyone who attempts to hide their involvement in a sextortion offense by deleting electronic messages they previously sent may face charges of tampering with physical evidence. C.G.S. §53a-155 defines this as a Class D felony regardless of the classification of the original offense.

    The best course of action for anyone facing sextortion accusations in Weston is to contact a skilled lawyer as quickly as possible. Sextortion is a serious matter in Connecticut, even without a prior history of other criminal charges or convictions. If you have been accused of distributing or threatening to distribute someone else’s intimate images of themselves, you need a strong defense strategy to preserve your future freedom and reputation.

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    Seeking assistance from a Weston sextortion lawyer should be a priority as soon as you learn of an investigation or formal accusation of this nature. A member of the dedicated team at Mark Sherman Law, a team with over 300 5-stat client reviews is available to help. Call today to schedule a meeting.