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    Auto Insurance Consequences Following a Westport Evading Responsibility Charge

    If you have been arrested for evading responsibility for abandoning the scene of an accident, you are looking at potentially serious consequences. You are not allowing facing legal repercussions but also ramifications regarding your auto insurance. For more information about auto insurance consequences following a Westport evading responsibility charge, contact a well-established lawyer today. One of our experienced evading responsibility attorneys could see what your options are and offer you guidance.

    Evading Responsibility Charge Impact on Driver’s License

    If someone has pled guilty to an evading responsibility charge, it will have a negative impact on their driver’s license. For instance, the license will be suspended for 90 days. In Westport, someone can lose their license if they have multiple evading responsibility convictions. The DMV may take a person’s license away permanently until they show that they are fit to have it back.

    An individual could re-apply for a license if their license is terminated. In Westport, the waiting period between when their license is terminated and when you can re-apply for a license or ask for it back is one year. However, the DMV may still refuse to give it back. In the event that someone re-applies for a driver’s license, the process is similar to when the person got their license the first time. In Westport, a person who has experienced an evading responsibility conviction would find insurance after termination of coverage by shopping around to find new coverage.

    Auto Insurance’s Response to Charges

    An auto insurance claim can be impacted by an evading responsibility conviction. One of the auto insurance consequences following a Westport evading responsibility charge is that the insurance company is likely to raise the rates. Also, if a person is convicted for an evading responsibility charge, the insurance company will treat them as a higher risk. When someone is deemed a higher risk, their premium payment may also go up. It is also possible for the insurance company to cancel their policy following an evading responsibility charge. It is the auto insurance company’s discretion based on their contract with them.

    Policy Termination

    If someone has their insurance policy terminated, they have the option of challenging the termination. The individual could file a lawsuit to sue them for wrongful termination of the policy. A dedicated lawyer could help by negotiating with the insurance company so that the company does not terminate the policy. If unsuccessful in the negotiation, the attorney could help them file a lawsuit.

    Criminal Liability

    As defined by Connecticut law, criminal liability means that a person has committed a crime, is liable for that crime, and could be prosecuted. Criminal liability affects an evading responsibility case because it involves being arrested, going to court, and possibly going to jail.

    In Westport, criminal liability is connected to an insurance company’s investigation into an evading responsibility charge because if someone is found criminally liable, the insurance adjuster could find that it was their fault and that could affect their rates and policy.

    How Speaking With an Adjuster Can Jeopardize a Case

    In Westport, when an insurance adjuster approaches a person under investigation for evading responsibility, some common subjects that might be addressed in that situation are whether they were drinking, who was in the car at the time, if they hit the brakes, and why they did not stop.

    Speaking to an insurance adjuster without legal representation could jeopardize the positive outcome of a person’s evading responsibility insurance case in Westport if a person says too much of the wrong thing. It could result in the insurance adjuster making an unfavorable recommendation to them and hurting their case.

    Dealing with the Insurance Adjuster

    You should direct correspondence with an insurance adjuster to a Westport evading responsibility lawyer in order to ensure that you do not say anything that could get your policy terminated.

    Any conversation between a person accused of evading responsibility and an insurance adjuster is critical. Whatever you say to the insurance company could be used against yourself in both criminal and insurance-making decisions.

    If you have any questions about how a legal professional could help you avoid the auto insurance consequences following a Westport evading responsibility charge, contact one of our well-established lawyers today.