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    Prosecution of Westport Evading Responsibility Offenses

    The prosecution of Westport evading responsibility offenses can be quite harsh, due to the fact that other people’s lives are often at risk in these cases. Individuals have a duty to report accidents, especially if someone is injured, which is why it the consequences for evading responsibility are so stringent. If you have been charged with a hit and run offense, it is important that you reach out to a determined evading responsibility lawyer that could work diligently to build your defense and disprove the prosecution’s argument. Contact an attorney today and know that you are in good hands.

    Meeting with the Prosecution in a Hit and Run Case

    A person should not attend their first meeting with the prosecutor without legal representation. Once the prosecutor makes an offer, it is difficult to get the prosecutor to change their mind. There is not a first meeting between the client and the prosecutor if an individual has counsel, because the prosecutor is not allowed to speak to the person if they have an attorney. It is important for the first meeting to be between the prosecutor and an attorney, because the attorney knows how to deal with the prosecutor’s concerns and get ahead of any issues that may be coming, like insurance issues and restitution. It is best to have an attorney from day one.

    Prosecutor Concerns in Evading Responsibility Cases

    During the prosecution of Westport evading responsibility offenses, some of the prosecutors’ main concerns might be if anybody was hurt and if the driver was drunk. The prosecutors want to make sure that the person left at the scene was not left there in serious injury and if they were injured that they are being compensated. The prosecutors want to make sure that the alleged victims in crimes are taken care of.

    A criminal lawyer might help a person alleviate the prosecution’s concerns in Westport by having the individual evaluated for drug and alcohol abuse, by making sure restitution is paid, and by making sure that any treatment necessary is happening.

    Does it Matter if Someone Left the Scene of the Accident?

    In Westport, the reason that a person left the scene of an accident is relevant during the prosecution of Westport evading responsibility offenses. If the person was drunk, they are going to be treated much more harshly. It might be important for the defense to establish whether the person accused of evading responsibility was intoxicated at the time of the proposed accident because if the DUI is still on the table, it is much harder to get a good deal or to avoid jail.

    Some common implications of leaving the scene of an accident without notifying law enforcement or exchanging contact information with the other involved parties are that the person was drunk, under the influence of drugs, or doing something else illegally that they did not want anybody to find out about.

    Furthermore, if somebody is injured and the person caused that injury but they did not contact law enforcement, they could be charged with evading responsibility. The severity of an injury influences the course of an evading responsibility case in Westport because the more severe the injury the more likely that the prosecutor is going to want to have the person plead guilty to something or take it to trial.

    Alternatives to Incarceration in Westport Evading Responsibility Cases

    Alternatives to incarceration do exist. If eligible, a person could receive probation or do a diversionary program, instead of going to prison. A circumstance in which a person accused of evading responsibility may receive probation instead of jail time or a fine in Westport is if a person pleads guilty to that charge, restitution is paid, and the accident is not serious that people are seriously injured. The prosecutor may support a deal where the defendant would get probation instead of jail time.

    A circumstance in which a person accused of evading responsibility may receive community service instead of jail time or a fine in Westport is if a person takes a diversionary program, which is the AR program. The judge typically adds community service as part of the conditions in Westport. If that is completed throughout the rest of the program, the charge gets dismissed. If an individual wants to know more about the prosecution of Westport evading responsibility offenses and potential alternatives to incarceration, they should work with a knowledgeable evading responsibility lawyer could advocate for them.