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    Westport Evading Responsibility Case Process

    The Westport evading responsibility case process can be a stressful process to undertake alone. A dedicated evading responsibility attorney could be an invaluable asset in your case. The attorney could deal with the prosecutor and the prosecutor would also present their argument. You would have the opportunity to defend your viewpoint as well. They would start to come to a conclusion to see if there is a compromise to be made. If not, they would have a trial. The general timeframe for an evading responsibility case in Westport could be anywhere from two months to two years if one takes it all the way to trial. You might wait for their first court date in Westport up to two to three weeks. An experienced legal advocate could guide you through the process and pursue a positive outcome for you.

    Penalties for Evading Responsibility

    Under Westport law, an evading responsibility charge might be considered a felony if the person caused physical injury, serious physical injury, or the death of somebody else. A person could be charged with an evading responsibility offense that is a felony charge the first time a person is charged, depending on how much damage was done. The minimum penalties for an evading responsibility misdemeanor charge are a fine up to $75 and zero years in jail. The maximum penalties for an evading responsibility misdemeanor charge in Westport are a $600 fine and one year in jail. An experienced legal advocate could not only help guide an individual through the Westport evading responsibility case process, they could also attempt to mitigate the penalties that the person may face.

    The Freedom of Information Act and How it Impacts Permanent Records

    The Freedom of Information Act is an act that allows any member of the public to request that a public agency release information to them and that agency has to disclose it. For instance, police reports are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. If someone has a permanent record, it could be disclosed to anybody as long as they make a written request. The Freedom of Information Act could negatively influence a person’s reputation or business if somebody gets a Freedom of Information Act request, finds out negative history about somebody, and tells others about it.

    Pretrial Accelerated Rehabilitation Programs

    Westport has a pretrial accelerated rehabilitation program called the AR Program. The program entails unsupervised probation. It is two steps. In Step One an individual applies for the program and they run a background check on the person to see if the person is eligible for the program. In Step Two the person would ask the judge to enter them into the program. The judge could put whatever conditions on the person that they want, including paying restitution to the person that the individual hit and staying out of trouble. Typically that lasts for one year, but it could go up to two. This program might impact a person’s evading responsibility case because it could end up in the case being dismissed altogether if the program is successfully completed.

    Expungement Process

    A person’s record could be expunged of an evading responsibility conviction even after they have undergone the Westport evading responsibility case process. A person is eligible for a pardon after three years if they plead to the misdemeanor or five years if they plead to the felony. The timeframe for expungement varies. Once an individual is eligible for it to be expunged, the package is extensive and takes a few months to put together. After the package is submitted to the Board of Pardons and Paroles, about six months to a year later, they have a hearing on it.

    The process of expunging a person’s record involves putting together the package that the Board of Pardons and Paroles is requesting, which is extensive and includes police reports and letters of recommendation from other people among other things. The Board of Pardons and Paroles screens it and decides if they are going to give the person a hearing. If the person gets a hearing, the person is questioned in front of the board and they make a recommendation as to whether the person’s record should be expunged.

    Value of a Westport Evading Responsibility Attorney

    When facing an evading responsibility charge in Westport, the type of time constraints an individual needs to be cognizant of are, the time it takes for the police to overwrite evidence. An individual wants to be aware of the limits that the police have on how much data they store. The individual needs to act quickly to preserve that so they could look at it for their case. During the Westport evading responsibility case process, an attorney could stay aware of those limitations. If an individual has been charged with an evading responsibility offense, they should speak with a capable defense attorney that could pursue a positive outcome for them.