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    Wilton First-Degree Assault Lawyer

    Wilton authorities treat assault in the first degree as a serious offense, and a conviction could lead to jail time. For help building a credible defense, reach out to a top Wilton first-degree assault lawyer today. A seasoned attorney could fight for a positive resolution of your charges.

    What Constitutes Assault in the First Degree in Wilton?

    As a skilled attorney can attest, an arrest for assault in the first degree in Wilton is governed by Connecticut General Statutes § 53a-59.  The Connecticut penal code primarily defines first-degree assault by five different sets of circumstances. Although many first-degree assault situations may involve the use of a deadly weapon, a weapon is not always required in order to rise to the level of first-degree assault.

    First-degree assault occurs when an individual:

    • Intentionally causes serious bodily harm with a dangerous weapon (GSC §53a-59(1))
    • Intentionally amputates, destroys or permanently disfigures another (GSC §53a-59(2))
    • Demonstrates little regard for the life-threatening danger or engages in recklessly injury of another (GSC §53a-59(3))
    • Conspires with two or more individuals to intentionally cause serious injury to another (GSC §53a-59(4))
    • Intentionally injures someone with a firearm (GSC §53a-59(5))

    What Factors Into First-Degree Assault Convictions

    The prosecution carries the burden of proof to convict an individual of first-degree assault. This means the prosecution must show an incident happened as charged, including demonstrating the individual accused acted with intent, or they cannot achieve a conviction. In this context, intent means an individual’s actions were intended to cause some or serious injury, or that reckless actions demonstrated an “extreme indifference to human life,” according to Connecticut General Statutes § 53a-59(a).

    How Does the Prosecution Prove State of Mind?

    Usually, a prosecutor relies on specific evidence to demonstrate this, particularly anything that demonstrates an alleged individual’s involvement or actions leading to an incident. However, proving state of mind can be very difficult, especially with a diligent Wilton first-degree assault attorney assisting you with developing a strong defense.

    Penalties for First-Degree Assault

    Most first-degree assaults are charged as class B felonies, but aggravating factors may elevate charges. For instance, if an assault results in the termination of a pregnancy, an offense could be classified as a class A felony, which would increase penalties up to a maximum prison sentence of 25 years and fines of up to $20,000.

    Furthermore, if the alleged victim of an assault is disabled, elderly, under the age of 10, or employed by the Department of Correction, convicted individuals may be required to serve a portion of any prison sentence known as a “mandatory minimum.” A judge or jury could not reduce or suspend sentencing in such a scenario. Working with an experienced attorney in Wilton who knows how to handle first-degree assault cases is in your best interest.

    Contact a Top Wilton First-Degree Assault Attorney Today

    First-degree assault is one of the most serious crimes you could be charged with in Connecticut. With such high stakes, you should explore all potential legal options—and to that end, a seasoned defense attorney could help ensure evidence is located and presented in the most favorable light possible.

    An experienced Wilton first-degree assault lawyer could stand by your side throughout all legal proceedings. Call today to learn how a member of our team could help.