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Wilton Evading Responsibility Lawyer

Wilton law defines evading responsibility as any time the operator of a motor vehicle knowingly is involved in an accident and fails to stop, render assistance, or give the operator’s name and contact information. In Wilton, there are three different statutes that an individual may be charged with, depending on the damage that occurred because of the accident.

If anyone is involved in an accident and flees the scene, they could be charged with evading responsibility in Wilton. It could be critical to plan a defense with the help of a Wilton evading responsibility lawyer if you have been accused of a hit and run offense. You may gain peace of mind prior to your case by discussing your case with a savvy hit and run attorney

What Constitutes Evading Responsibility?

There are three elements that comprise an evading responsibility offense and that the police or the state must prove to charge someone with evading responsibility in Wilton. The first element is that the operator was knowingly involved in the accident. The second element is that injury or damage was caused. The third element is that the operator failed to stop and leave information or render assistance. 

Evading responsibility offenses are two-fold in that they may cause a person to have a criminal history and they may also have DMV implications. Not only does the person have to go to court for the charge and possible criminal record, but if they plead guilty they face a possible license suspension. 

Risk of a Hit and Run Charge Associated with a DUI Offense

It might be important to convince Wilton law enforcement that drunk driving was not part of the reason for leaving the scene of the accident, because if an officer has probable cause to believe that the individual was drinking and driving when the accident occurred they could arrest the person for DUI based on that probable cause.  

Some common implications of leaving the scene of an accident is that a person was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident and that they had something to hide. A Wilton evading responsibility lawyer could help the accused try disproving that this was the reason they left the scene. 

How is BAC Determined in These Cases?

Blood alcohol content could be determined if a person is taken to the hospital after an accident and their blood is drawn. An arrest warrant or a search warrant is made by the police department to test the blood for alcohol. Any time a police department investigates an arrest and it seems like a person is drunk, they would ask the person if they want to go to the hospital to have blood drawn and preserved so they are able to test it. A person does not need to go to the hospital. 

Involving the Legal Knowledge of an Attorney

Any time a person faces physical injury, the person who evades responsibility could be charged with a felony evading responsibility. If the injury becomes more serious because this person failed to contact law enforcement, they could face additional charges or they could face the most serious felony charge. A Wilton evading responsibility lawyer should be involved in a hit and run case as soon as possible.

When someone is taken the police station for evading responsibility, they should try to call an attorney from the police station before they make any statement to the police department. If a person is arrested before they have the opportunity or think to speak to an attorney, they should get an attorney involved immediately after the arrest to try to facilitate everything with the court and streamline the process.