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    Wilton Evading Responsibility Penalties

    Under Wilton law, an evading responsibility charge is considered a felony any time the operator of a motor vehicle is knowingly involved in an accident that causes serious physical injury to another person and the operator of the motor vehicle fails to stop and render assistance, leave their name and contact information, or report the accident to the police department.

    Currently, the minimum Wilton evading responsibility penalties include up to one year in prison, up to a $2,000 fine, and up to two years probation. A skilled hit and run attorney could help the accused seek to complete a first-time offender program in order to have their misdemeanor evading responsibility charge dismissed.

    Minimum vs Maximum Penalties for a Hit and Run Charge

    Under Wilton law, there only needs to be one vehicle present for an evading responsibility charge or hit and run to occur. It could be a one-car accident. In Wilton, some common examples of single-vehicle accidents or collisions that may result in an evading responsibility charge include any time a vehicle leaves the road and strikes a guardrail or a tree. Any time any vehicle hits another object, it could be considered an evading responsibility charge in Wilton.

    The minimum and maximum Wilton evading responsibility penalties depend on the physical injury caused. For a serious physical injury, the minimum penalty for an evading responsibility charge is two years’ minimum mandatory jail sentence with fines and probation. The maximum penalty for an evading responsibility felony for a serious physical injury caused is up to 20 years in prison with a $50,000 fine and up to five years on probation.

    What is the Impact of an Evading Responsibility Charge?

    When facing an evading responsibility charge, time constraints that a person should be cognizant of relating to when they contact the police department. The statute calls for them to contact the police department “immediately”, which can been interpreted broadly by the State’s Attorney. It may be when a person goes immediately home and calls the police department. 

    Defining the Expectations of Someone Accused of a Hit and Run

    In some circumstances, a person facing Wilton evading responsibility penalties may receive probation or a fine instead of jail time. If they are a first-time offender, they may be placed in the first offenders’ program, which is overseen by the office of adult relations but not necessarily probation for the person. Another circumstance that a person might receive probation instead of jail time is if they are not eligible for the first-time offender program and need to plead guilty to the charge. An attorney may be able to work out a lesser sentence than what is statutorily mandated.

    In Wilton, the owner of a vehicle could be arrested for evading responsibility even if they were not driving the vehicle at the time of the accident if the car was involved in an accident. Sometimes a vehicle is loaned to another person, and the person using the vehicle is involved in an accident and leaves the scene.  They evade responsibility, return the vehicle, and the owner of the vehicle has no idea that an accident occurred, especially if there is no damage to the vehicle. That person could be arrested for evading responsibility because the car registered in their name was involved in the accident.