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    Wilton Evading Responsibility Charges

    In Wilton, a person can be charged with evading responsibility in a few ways, e.g., if a person gets into an accident with somebody else and flees the scene, that can be evading responsibility. If a person gets to an accident with a parked car and nobody else is there, they could be charged with evading responsibility, and if a person gets into an accident, drives a short distance and then stops, they can still be charged with evading responsibility. Jurisdiction does not really influence the way a person can be charged in Wilton; evading responsibility is charged the same in all jurisdictions. If you want to know more about Wilton evading responsibility charges, consult a knowledgeable evading responsibility attorney that could answer your questions and advocate for you.

    How Single Vehicle Accidents Can Count

    A single-vehicle accident can be considered an evading responsibility charge because a person is involved in the accident and they left the scene of the accident.

    In Wilton, common examples of single vehicle accidents or collisions are hitting a telephone pole or light pole; hitting a wall (such as a stone wall) on someone’s property; or going over someone’s lawn and damaging their lawn.

    Rights During an Investigation

    The person has a right to confront the witnesses against them; a right to a speedy trial; a right to a fair trial; a right to evaluate all the evidence and have anything that the prosecution has disclosed to them; as well as the right to apply for any programs they may be eligible for.

    In Wilton, it is very common for law enforcement officials to assume someone who is facing an evading responsibility charge was drunk and that they fled the scene because they were hiding something and they were afraid to be caught.

    Felony Evading Responsibility Charges

    Under Wilton law, Wilton evading responsibility charges are a felony if a person caused physical injury, serious physical injury, or the death of somebody else. It does not matter how many times a person has been charged, only the damage that was done. They can be charged with a felony on their first evading responsibility charge.

    Penalties Upon Conviction

    An evading responsibility charge in Wilton would be a misdemeanor if there is only property damage and no damage to anybody’s person. The minimum penalties for Wilton evading responsibility charge are a fine up to $75.00 and zero days in jail. The maximum penalty for an evading responsibility misdemeanor charge is a $600.00 fine and one year in jail.

    Time Constraints That Could Impact a Case

    A person should be cognizant of the time constraints evading responsibility that the police have and that the police destroy evidence as a regular routine for their practice that may be important to the case. Every so many days the police will overwrite their body cams and their dash cams; things of that nature, and if a person waits too long to obtain such evidence, that evidence can be gone.

    Consulting a Wilton Evading Responsibility Attorney

    An evading responsibility attorney could protect your rights in Wilton by reviewing the police reports quickly and filing the appropriate motion to have evidence preserved or turned over from the state, and generally making sure that nobody is infringing on your rights. If this were to happen, they would challenge that through the court. Work with an experienced legal advocate that could help you face the Wilton evading responsibility charges that you face.