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    Building a Wilton Evading Responsibility Defense

    In the event a person is charged with an evading responsibility charge, the first step they should take is to call an attorney. An established evading responsibility attorney is able to review the police reports and other useful evidence when building a Wilton evading responsibility defense. Any time there is an accident there should be an ascertainable amount of damage done.

    A criminal defense lawyer has a generous amount of time to prepare for the accused’s case in Wilton. There is a couple of weeks before the first court date in which the criminal defense attorney may review the police report, contact the police department, and contact the alleged victim, if necessary. There is about one month between each court date. If the case goes to trial, the criminal defense attorney has years to prepare for the trial.

    Challenging a Hit and Run Offense

    In Wilton, a person could challenge their arrest for an evading responsibility charge. Challenging arrest means that the case goes to trial. A person has the right to take their case to trial and plead not guilty to the charges. Most of the time a person says that they did call the police and make a report, but it may not have been soon enough or they say that they were not involved in an accident.

    Some key factors that an attorney may consider when building a Wilton evading responsibility defense are determining whether the person intentionally left the scene of an accident. This includes considering whether the person knew they were involved in the accident. Sometimes there are situations where a person hits another car and they do not realize it and they leave the scene. It is not technically considered evading responsibility, because the person did not know that they were involved in the accident.

    Other factors that an attorney should consider are the extent of the damage, whether or not the person has been correctly charged by the statute, and whether or not the charge should be lowered to a less-serious charge. The lawyer should also consider what the accused’s criminal arrest history is like.

    Importance of Establishing Intoxication Level

    When building a Wilton evading responsibility defense, it may be important to establish whether a person was intoxicated at the time of the proposed incident because the prosecutor in the case is able to add charges. If the prosecutor believes the person was intoxicated, they may add a DUI charge. Sometimes it is up to the defense counsel to produce evidence that the person was not under the influence if the prosecutor is threatening to add another charge because they believe the person was intoxicated.

    Speaking With an Evading Responsibility Attorney

    The information that a person accused of evading responsibility is expected to disclose to their criminal defense lawyer is the full truth of the accident. Everything that an individual tells their attorney when building a Wilton evading responsibility defense is considered attorney-client privilege information. The person should feel like they may disclose every aspect of their case and be completely truthful with their attorney.

    It is important for a criminal defense attorney to be fully aware of the situation, because they need to know if there is a possibility that the person was under the influence of alcohol to avoid a more serious charge. They also need to know if this person has a history of being arrested for this, which is the knowledge that may be leveraged on behalf of the accused in court to try to avoid a more serious charge and to avoid having the charge racked up to a felony.