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    Advice from a Stamford DUI Lawyer

    Advice from a Stamford DUI Lawyer

    Laws regarding drinking and driving have become increasing stringent and can carry significant long-term consequences. In many states the acceptable blood alcohol limit has dropped dramatically, a move which can cause conscientious drivers to inadvertently err if they are not cognizant of the latest legislation. Mark Sherman, a successful Stamford DUI lawyer, can assist you with a Stamford orGreenwich DUI charge.

    Know the Limits

    For an adult in Connecticut, blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher constitutes driving under the influence. Because it is illegal for minors to drink, a BAC of only .02 is all that is required to charge someone under 21 with a DUI. But knowing the numbers is not enough; you need to be aware of how much alcohol it takes to reach those limits. Body weight and the type of alcohol being consumed both impact BAC, and according to police projections, most people can be considered driving while impaired after having 2 drinks in a one-hour time frame. For a minor, even one beer is too much. These laws are not confined to public streets either, and a person can actually be charged with a DUI while driving on their own property or while operating ATVs and snowmobiles over any public or private terrain.

    Have you ever taken prescription pain pills, muscle relaxants or sedatives? Read the directions carefully; you will find they all carry a “do not drive” warning. Ignoring it can also result in a DUI charge even with a zero BAC. This is one of the reasons doctors insist patients have someone else drive them home from a procedure if any sedation was required.

    Know your Rights

    Connecticut has an implied consent law which means that everyone who receives a driver’s license has given their implicit consent to submitting to a sobriety test when requested by a law officer. Most people are aware of this principle but they don’t know that CT law also gives them the right to request the presence of a Stamford DWI lawyer during the administration of the test.

    Alcohol testing must follow a strict protocol in order to be admissible evidence. First, the equipment must be tested and calibrated periodically per state guidelines. Next, the officer administering the test must be trained in the procedure. Finally, the initial test must occur within two hours of the initial stop with a follow up test just 10 minutes later to verify the first results. If you are charged with drinking and driving, then your Greenwich DUI attorney will review the records to make certain proper steps were followed.

    Know your Options

    You are in the best position as a first offender. Connecticut law recently changed and reduced the license suspension on a first conviction with installation of an ignition interlock device be installed. However, there are diversionary programs your Stamford DUI lawyer can pursue which can remove the arrest from your record once you have successfully completed the requirements. This is the best resolution because it removes a charge which can limit insurability and employment options.

    Know the Long-Term Consequences

    One of the recent legislatives trends is to increase the severity of the consequences with each consecutive conviction. In Connecticut, this includes all convictions over the past 10 years; even those which occurred in different jurisdictions. This is just one more reason to have a Greenwich DUI attorney fighting to keep your record clean.

    Are you facing a Connecticut DUI charge? If so, get a successful DUI attorney on your case as soon as possible.