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    Choosing a Stamford Criminal Lawyer

    Choosing a Stamford Criminal Lawyer

    If you had a serious medical condition you would choose to be treated by a physician specializing in the appropriate field of medicine. The same principle applies if you are charged with a criminal offense. Just as you would not see a podiatrist for a heart problem, you don’t want an attorney who only deals with real estate law to defend you in criminal court.

    You don’t have the luxury of unlimited time when you’ve been charged with a crime. In fact, your chances for a successful outcome are increased significantly if you get legal representation early in the process. Nevertheless, you still need to make certain the attorney who represents you is the best choice. Here are some things to look for when choosing a Stamford criminal lawyer.

    The Right Experience
    The law is a broad field with a variety of specialties, even within the branch of criminal law. When you begin to screen prospective attorneys, you need to question them about their areas of experience. How long have they been practicing law? How often do they practice in criminal court? Have they defended clients against the same offense with which you are charged? How many similar cases have they had? If the firm has more than one attorney, are you meeting with the best individual for your particular circumstances?

    A Proven Track Record

    You should also ask a prospective Stamford criminal lawyer about his track record. What has been the outcome of the similar cases he has defended? Of those convicted, has he been successful in obtaining favorable plea bargains or reduced and deferred sentences? Facing a criminal charge is unnerving, and it’s easy to feel intimidated asking this type of question, but you need to not worry that an attorney will be offended when you ask about his background. Consider this a job interview–you want the best candidate possible taking up your cause.

    The attorney’s reputation is another clue. Can he provide testimonials from other clients? Has he received any professional recognition or awards? Is he in good standing with the state bar?

    Honest and Consistent Communication

    The thing you most likely want to hear at a difficult time like this is that all of your legal problems are going to disappear. But an attorney who simply tells you what you want to hear in order to get your business is not doing you a favor. What you want is an attorney who recognizes your need for reassurance while giving you an honest assessment of the charges you face, the evidence against you and the possible outcomes. Such knowledge is essential for making thoughtful, intelligent decisions.

    To be a true advocate, an attorney needs be open-minded, should keep you informed about the progress of the case and explain things in terms that are easy to understand. You also need a Stamford criminal lawyer who is also willing to listen. The ideal attorney will treat you as if you are his top priority and will remain easily accessible.

    Client Commitment

    Regardless of the charges, the attorney needs to approach your case with a passionate commitment to your defense. You don’t need to be with a firm that looks for the fastest settlement and a quick fee. Mark Sherman Law, one of the top criminal defense firms in Connecticut, is dedicated to pursuing the best solution, no matter how much time is required. They refuse to take any short cuts that can short change the client. They are committed to the belief that everyone accused of a crime deserves a vigorous defense.

    Your attorney’s commitment should also extend beyond the dropping of the criminal charges. Most people believe that once a charge is dropped or they are found innocent of any crime that the problems are behind them. What they don’t realize is that court and arrest records remain open to the public. In many cases, these are even available on the internet for the world to view, a reality that can not only cost you embarrassment but also future employment opportunities. Make certain the attorney you choose not only knows how to suppress court records will try to scrub the internet of any references to your arrest.

    Getting help early is essential in procuring a favorable outcome. If you have been charged with a crime you need a professional advocate on your side. A good Stamford criminal lawyer will help you navigate a complex legal system and find the best solution for your situation. Contact Mark Sherman Law to discuss the circumstances of your case.