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    Connecticut Fake ID Arrests

    When initiating an arrest at the University of Connecticut, a UCONN officer will first look at the identification to determine if the photo is of the person that the officer is speaking with, and quiz the UCONN student on their name, date of birth, and other details that appear on the license.

    Often, the officer will ask the student if they have another form of identification and if any of those contain false information. Often, students will be honest and cooperate with UCONN police but are subsequently arrested.

    If you have been arrested because of a fake ID in Connecticut, it is imperative that you contact an experienced lawyer immediately. A seasoned attorney will be able to help lessen or dismiss any penalties associated with your charge.

    Lawful vs. Unlawful Arrest

    During a fake ID arrest in Connecticut, most UCONN students do not realize that in many cases they do not have to answer the officer’s questions, and they do not have to consent to a search of their dorm room, so a search and subsequent arrest often ends up being a lawful search and a lawful arrest.

    If a University of Connecticut student knew that they did not have to answer questions and did not have to consent to a search and the student refused to answer questions and declined the officer’s request to search, but the officer searched the student or their possessions anyway, the search is likely unlawful and may be suppressed by an attorney.

    It is important to be cooperative with the police officers, but it is not necessary to volunteer information. That does not, however, mean to be dishonest when asked direct questions. An individual should never hand a University of Connecticut police officer their fake identification because the person is representing to the officer something that is not true, which could result in a separate criminal charge.

    Investigative Process

    If there is a report of a student who is under the age of 21 using fake identification or trying to use a fake identification, the officers usually conduct an investigation to identify that UCONN student. If the officer is able to locate the student, the officer might talk to the student right away or make an arrest. The officer also may conduct a lengthier investigation, if they are unable to talk to the student or apply for an arrest warrant, which is a lengthier process, but ends in the same arrest.

    In most cases, the police are able to apprehend the person before they leave the scene. However, if the person gets caught and tries to run away or to hide the fake identification, the police can find out where their dorm is on UCONN’s campus or where they are living and will be able to eventually speak with the person.

    After the Arrest

    After the Connecticut fake ID arrest is made, the UCONN police officers will give the student a promise to appear or, if there is a bond, the student would have to pay that bond to be released from the police station. From there, the student will be assigned a court date, that is usually within 14 days, to appear in Rockville Superior Court. Even if the student is represented by an attorney, the student must appear in Rockville Superior Court.

    In most cases, the student will be brought to the police station for booking for the forgery charge. There are some instances when the officers may issue a summons, which still counts as an arrest, to avoid the actual booking process. In most scenarios, because it is a felony charge, law enforcement will bring the student to UCONN police headquarters.

    Following the arrest, the fake identification is normally seized, so the student will be unable to use that identification. Sometimes, if the student was attempting to use a fake to get into somewhere that requires them to be 21, the student will be told not to go back to that premises while the case is pending.

    Severity of the Charge

    Possessing a fake identification is a Class D felony, which is a serious offense. While the case is pending, a person that has been arrested for possessing a fake identification needs to make sure that no other incident happens, including possessing another fake identification or alcohol related offenses.