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    Get Your Darien Risk of Injury / Domestic Violence Arrest Dismissed ASAP

    Get Your Darien Risk of Injury / Domestic Violence Arrest Dismissed ASAP
    • Risk of Injury to a Minor 53-21 is a felony charge in Connecticut.
    • The best Darien criminal defense attorneys often see Risk of Injury / Child Endangerment charges needlessly added to domestic violence arrests.
    • A Risk of Injury arrest will always trigger a Connecticut DCF Investigation.
    • If you’ve been arrested for Risk of Injury in Darien, call a top Connecticut criminal lawyer today.

    What is Risk of Injury in Darien?

    Risk of Injury to a Minor is an incredibly overly broad crime in Connecticut. The Connecticut penal code, Connecticut General Statute 53-21 prohibits you from impairing the morals or health of, or from having sexual contact with, a child under sixteen years of age. For more about Risk of Injury / Child Endangerment laws in Darien Connecticut, follow this link.

    I Didn’t Touch my Kids – Can I still be Arrested in Darien for Risk of Injury?

    Top Darien criminal attorneys see it all the time – parents get in an argument (even just a verbal argument) while the kids are present. Not only do the police arrest one or both of you for a Connecticut domestic violence crime like Disorderly Conduct – but they needlessly tack on one count of Risk of Injury to a Minor for each child.

    Is DCF Going to Come to my Home after a Risk of Injury Arrest in Darien?

    Yes. Risk of Injury 53-21 arrests in Connecticut come with an automatic referral to the Department of Children and Families, which will investigate your family. You’ll be contacted by DCF within 72 hours. In many cases, your first contact is a DCF social worker showing up on your doorstep.   For a detailed overview of what to expect in a Darien DCF Investigation, click here.

    What are the Consequences for a Darien Risk of Injury Arrest?

    If you’re arrested for Risk of Injury to a Minor in Darien in connection with a domestic violence arrest (like fighting with your spouse when your kids are present) then it is a Class C Felony. That means you could face up to 10 years in jail, a fine of up to $10,000.00, plus probation. Just as important, you risk having a permanent felony record if your case isn’t handled properly from the start.

    What Happens When I go to Stamford Court for my Risk of Injury / Domestic Violence Case?

    If you’re arrested in Darien for Risk of Injury / Domestic Violence, then you’ll appear in Stamford Superior Court the very next business day. You’ll be forced to sit for questioning with a Family Relations Officer and the judge will issue a protective order. Know this: you have the right to have an experienced Connecticut criminal defense attorney every step of the way, before you even set foot in court. For more on what happens on your first day in court, click here.

    My Darien Risk of Injury Arrest is Online. Can I Get it Down?

    If your Risk of Injury arrest is dismissed in court, then it will be erased from your criminal record under Connecticut’s erasure laws. The Mark Sherman Law attorneys are  leaders in the emerging area of internet scrubbing law, to help our clients get their online arrest reports off the internet and off Google. Click here for more on our internet scrubbing practice group.

    Call a Darien Risk of Injury Defense Lawyer Today

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