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    Give Up My Guns & Permit after a Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrest? Not So Fast.

    Give Up My Guns & Permit after a Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrest? Not So Fast.
    • Every Connecticut domestic violence arrest requires you to surrender your firearms & guns.
    • There are no exceptions to turning in your guns, but you may not have to give them to the police.
    • You don’t always have to surrender your Connecticut pistol permit after a Connecticut arrest.
    • Domestic violence arraignments almost always involve the issuance of a protective order.
    • One requirement of the protective order requires you to turn over and guns and ammunition while the Connecticut.
    • If your case is dismissed, you may be able to get the guns and permit back.

    • To learn more your gun and firearms right following a Connecticut domestic violence arrest, call the domestic violence lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today.

    Connecticut Protective Orders, Domestic Violence Arrests and Guns

    After an arrest for domestic violence you are likely to have a criminal protective restraining order issued against you. This will restrict how and in what context you can see or communicate with the alleged victim, but it also may require you to turn over any firearms and ammunition you have. The guns will go to the police and will stay there until either your case is resolved or the protective order ends, often these things occur at the same time. If you are found in possession of guns while under a protective order you can face additional charges.

    Can I Get My Guns Back after CT Domestic Violence Arrest?

    No, not until the Connecticut domestic violence charges are dismissed. In this situation, where there are no convictions, it may be possible for you to either get your guns back or transfer them to a licensed firearm salesperson to sell. This is accomplished by filing a “motion” with the court asking them to release the guns. After domestic violence charges, the courts may be hesitant to release weapons, however a lawyer who has filed and argued this type of motion before can help.

    What is a Connecticut Domestic Violence Crime?

    Many people don’t know that domestic violence is not a single crime, but rather a category of offenses. For a crime to be considered domestic violence it must be between family or household members.

    After a fight at home, disorderly conduct is often charged. This class C misdemeanor exposes you to jail time and fines if you are convicted. More serious crimes seen in connection with domestic violence are assault in the third degree and threatening. These crimes have varying levels of punishment, but the one consistency is the importance of mounting a strong and well thought out defense.

    Reach Out to a Top Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Today  

    If you’ve been arrested for domestic violence and own guns, it’s important to understand when and how to turn your guns over to begin working towards a positive resolution. The help of a top Connecticut criminal defense attorney could be the difference between a conviction and a dismissal. Read the hundreds of certified reviews from past clients on, and then give us a call today at (203) 358-4700 to learn more.