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    Is Harvey Weinstein Going to Jail?

    Is Harvey Weinstein Going to Jail?
    • Media mogul Harvey Weinstein has been arrested in New York for rape.
    • In Connecticut, there is usually a 5-year statute of limitations on sexual assault charges.
    • Despite accusations from nearly 15 years ago, Weinstein can still be criminally prosecuted in New York.
    • In New York, there is no time limit for rape charges to be prosecuted.
    • If you’re being investigated for rape in Connecticut, don’t talk to the police.
    • First speak to a top Connecticut sexual assault rape lawyer immediately.

    The Harvey Weinstein Arrest

    The other shoe has finally dropped on Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. After 7 months and an avalanche of allegations against him, Weinstein surrendered himself this morning to the NYPD to face charges of First Degree Rape and Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree. The assault allegedly took place in 2004.

    The media (and social media) exposure of Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment and assault has energized the #metoo movement, a digitally-borne campaign against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

    As a result, the movement gained substantial momentum as more and more Hollywood players were accused of sexual misconduct – often occurring many years ago.

    Is it too late for Harvey Weinstein to be arrested for an alleged sexual assault that happened in 2004?

    Despite many of the allegations being from so long ago, it is not too late for prosecutors to bring charges against Weinstein. In 2006, the State of New York got rid of the statute of limitations for both Rape in the First Degree and Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree – both crimes Weinstein is currently facing.

    Can I get arrested in Connecticut for a sexual assault that happened years ago?

    In Connecticut, sexual assault and rape-related crimes generally have a 5-year statute of limitations. So, usually, you cannot get arrested in Connecticut for a rape accusation that happened 10 years ago. However, if you fled the state, or if you are identified by your DNA, you may still be subject to prosecutor after the 5 year limit.

    How do I fight a sex assault / rape investigation in Connecticut?

    As you can see from the responses of many Hollywood stars being accused of sexual assault and rape, these cases often come down to a “he said, she said” because too much time has passed to collect physical evidence such as DNA. That is why it is critical to speak to a top Connecticut rape attorney as soon as you learn that you are being investigated.

    Do I Talk to the Cops During a Connecticut Rape Investigation?

    Not until you speak with your lawyer.

    Talking to the cops is almost always a bad decision but when it comes to rape allegations it is often critical to get your side of the story to the police to prevent an arrest. You need to move quickly to preserve all possible evidence that can be used to back your story up. Text messages, social media direct messages, phone calls, and even sexually explicit photos can all be used to help show your sexual encounter was consensual and was not a rape. Any of the best Connecticut sex assault lawyers and attorneys can help you deal with the police while minimizing the risk to you.

    How much jail time can I do for a sexual assault? 

    In Connecticut, Sexual Assault in the First Degree is charged under CGS § 53a-70 as a Class B felony. If you sexually assault someone by force or threats or force, you can be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. If you have a deadly weapon, the judge must order a mandatory minimum 5 year sentence of those 20 years.

    What do I do if I am being investigated for sexual assault in Connecticut?

    If you find yourself being investigated or charged with a Connecticut rape or sexual assault, you should call the criminal lawyers and attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today. We do not pass judgment. We protect our clients. Our only goal is getting you out of trouble, doing everything we can to avoid an arrest or getting your case dismissed.

    You can read the certified reviews, describing what our former sex assault clients have to say about working with our firm. Then give us a call before you speak to the police or go to court. We are available 24/7 to take your call at (203) 358-4700.