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    My Norwalk Criminal Court AR / AEP Dismissal Date Got Moved Due to Corona / COVID–What Can I Do?

    My Norwalk Criminal Court AR / AEP Dismissal Date Got Moved Due to Corona / COVID–What Can I Do?
    • Norwalk criminal court is pushing out AR / AEP / DEP dismissal dates because of COVID-19.
    • This jams up your background checks all summer long, and puts you at additional risk.
    • Job prospects can also be impacted by your case which should have been expunged already.
    • If you find your successful Accelerated Rehabilitation Program / Alcohol Education dismissal delayed, call a top Norwalk criminal attorney as soon as possible.

    Connecticut Criminal Courts Are Closed for Dismissal Dates due to COVID / Corona

    As Connecticut courts continue to operate at limited capacity in an effort to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections and deaths, many people are seeing their successful dismissal dates pushed back. This includes people who have successfully completed all the requirements of the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program, Family Violence Program, and Alcohol Education program in Norwalk Court. Here are some common questions the top Norwalk criminal lawyers are being asked.

    My AR Dismissal Date Got Moved By the Court – Can I Get it Dismissed Earlier?

    Possibly, but it is too early to tell. As of now, the courts are not dismissing successful cases because there is only a skeleton staff working and they cannot confirm AR / AEP conditions have been completed. Once courts re-open, any of the best Norwalk criminal attorneys can file case flow requests to ask the judge to move your court date up as soon as possible and get your case dismissed, either in person or on the papers.

    My Alcohol Education Program Classes Got Cancelled – What do I do?

    Hang tight. Connecticut AEP classes are working on moving to remote classes in order to let you complete your requirements and earn your dismissal. If your dismissal date has passed already, your top Norwalk DUI lawyer may be able to get it dismissed as soon as courts open again. 

    But I Need My Norwalk Criminal Court Case Dismissed as Soon as Possible to Find a Job

    This is common issue the best Norwalk lawyers are hearing. Even in these times, many companies are still hiring. Have your top Norwalk criminal attorney assist you in explaining to your potential employer the game plan to get your case dismissed as soon as possible. To learn more about getting your arrested scrubbed from the internet, click here. 

    Here’s Why It’s Important to Get Your AR / AEP Dismissed Early

    One of your conditions for the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program / Alcohol Education Program was to avoid any new arrests during the pendency of the program. With your court date pushed out, you are more at risk of picking up a new arrest and being kicked out of the program. Until then, you have a pending criminal case against you and can still be prosecuted.

    Dismissals v. Nolles and Why It’s Important if You Get Arrested Again

    When a prosecutor “nolles” or drops a case against you, it stays alive for 13 months. During that time, the prosecutor can reopen the case against you. A successful dismissal of your AR / AEP program expunges your case and allows you to swear under oath you were never arrested. This prevents the prosecutor from ever re-opening your case or using your prior arrest against you if you find yourself arrested again. Click here for more on dismissals v. nolles.

    Call a Norwalk Connecticut AR / AEP Criminal Attorney Today

    Don’t let the court push your Accelerated Rehabilitation Program / Alcohol Education Program dismissal back without pushing back. Contact a top Norwalk criminal attorney to help you get your case dismissed as soon as possible. Read from our hundreds of certified reviews. Then call the Mark Sherman Law today at (203) 358-4700.