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    I Got a Possession of Alcohol / Marijuana Ticket at a Concert in Connecticut. Now What?

    I Got a Possession of Alcohol / Marijuana Ticket at a Concert in Connecticut. Now What?

    Connecticut teenagers and college students look forward to the summer – school’s out, their friends are back in town, and musicians from all over come to play concerts nearly every weekend. Hartford, Connecticut is home to the XL Center and Xfinity Theater – formerly known as the “Meadows.” And as anyone who has been to an outdoor concert knows, the party can start well before the concert, with tailgating, hanging out in the parking lot, and sometimes, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana by minors.

    Concert venue operators would probably prefer to turn a blind eye to underage drinking, but the risks of injury, lawsuits, and intoxication and other crimes associated with excessive underage drinking and marijuana use have left Xfinity Meadows operators and Hartford police with no choice but to aggressively prosecute teenagers ticketed for Minor in Possession under 30-89 and Possession of Marijuana under CGS 21a-279a. Thankfully, however, the best Hartford criminal lawyers and attorneys have figured out how to beat these tickets.

    So what’s the secret to fighting a Hartford Connectiuct ticket for Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana? Keep reading to find out…


    The top criminal lawyers and attorneys in Hartford Connecticut frequently see teenagers and college students just pay the Minor in Possession ticket / Possession of Marijuana ticket by mail because (1) they don’t want their parents to find out, and (2) they believe that since they were technically guilty, then they could not possibly be able to beat the ticket. Terrible idea. Here’s why: the long-term consequences are much worse than paying the fine or getting a lecture or punishment from your parents. First, anyone under 21 will face an automatic driver’s license suspension – 60 days if the alcohol was in or near a car, and 30 days even if it was nowhere near the car. This Connecticut DMV suspension will then trigger auto insurance havoc for your family—raising premiums and re-classifying you as a high-risk teenage driver for many years to come. Second and even more importantly, the guilty infraction plea by mail will stay on your teenager’s record and background checks for many, many years, which can detrimentally impact future employment prospects. So if you or your teenager have already paid the fine and pled guilty by mail to a Connecticut possession of alcohol or marijuana ticket, then follow this link to learn how you may still be able to reverse it.

    What if You or Your Child Gets a Minor in Possession Ticket at Xfinity Theater or XL Center in Hartford?

    Top Hartford Connecticut Minor in Possession lawyers typically get an influx of calls after a concert weekend at the Xfinity Meadows Theater, XL Center or Lake Compounce. If you or your child has been ticketed for a CGS 30-89 Minor in Possession ticket or a Hartford 4-3 Open Container ticket at Xfinity Theater, XL Center, Lake Compounce or any other concert venue, know that she has been charged with an infraction in Connecticut. The best Hartford Connecticut Minor in Possession / Marijuana Possession criminal lawyers and attorneys in Connecticut can then appear in court with you or you child and work with prosecutors to resolve the case without a guilty plea.

    Enforcement of Underage Drinking and Possession of Marijuana Laws in Hartford & Xfinity Theater

    In an effort to curb minors in possession of alcohol and marijuana at the Xfinity Theater and on the University of Hartford campus, the City of Hartford Connecticut passed its own city ordinance, § 4-3, which prohibits open containers of alcohol on any public highway or public area and in any parking area in Hartford. As the top Hartford Connecticut criminal law firms understand, the law allows officers to give tickets to teenagers drinking in parking lots around the Xfinity Theater. In addition, Connecticut state law provides Hartford police officers with authority to issue tickets to anyone under 21 for possession of alcohol by a minor under C.G.S. § 30-89(b), or possession of less than ½ ounce of marijuana under C.G.S. 21-279a. Xfinity Theater, the XL Center and Hartford Police have collaborated to assemble a team of undercover officers at these concerts, working together to catch concertgoers who are indulging in alcohol, drugs and narcotics. Their goal, of course, is to save lives and ensure they safety of all concertgoers. However, the top Hartford Connecticut criminal attorneys and lawyers would argue that alternative deterrence methods can certainly be used rather than hauling teenagers to court, publicly shaming them, and punishing them with permanent conviction records.

    Contact a Connecticut Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana Attorney Today

    At Mark Sherman Law, we offer a team of Connecticut Minor in Possession / Marijuana Possession criminal lawyers and attorneys who have years of experience in assisting families and their teenagers with resolving alcohol and marijuana tickets without a guilty plea or permanent conviction record. We understand the dangers of teenage experimentation and appreciate how stressful dealing with Hartford Connecticut police can be, especially if this is your first run-in with the law for your family. For even more information, you can follow this link to learn more about fighting Connecticut Minor in Possession tickets. So if you or your child received a Connecticut 30-89 Minor in Possession of Alcohol ticket or 21a-279a Marijuana Possession ticket in Hartford, or at the XL Center, Meadows or Lake Compounce, then contact us today. We are available 24 / 7 at (203) 358-4700.