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    PRESS RELEASE: Get Better Results with a Good Stamford Criminal Lawyer

    PRESS RELEASE: Get Better Results with a Good Stamford Criminal Lawyer

    The field of law has become almost as specialized as medicine. When Abraham Lincoln studied Blackstone most attorneys handled any case that came their way. Since then legal statutes have become more numerous and complex leading to greater specialization with some practicing only family law, contract law, corporate law, estate planning or some other niche. Larger firms may have severalattorneys with diverse specialties designed to meet a broader spectrum of public needs. The key is to find an experienced advocate suited to your case, and if you are facing criminal charges you will get much better results with a top Stamford criminal lawyer.

    “Having competent counsel is vital whenever you’re in court,” observes Mark Sherman, a Stamford criminal attorney, “but if you are facing criminal charges the stakes are much higher than if you are in a civil suit. A criminal conviction has an impact on every aspect of your life and will follow you into the future.” One of the most obvious benefits of retaining an experienced Stamford criminal lawyer is knowledge. Most people accused of a crime have no legal training, but they are facing a prosecutor who is well-versed in the law and experienced in obtaining convictions.

    If you are facing a first offense then it’s possible you will be offered a plea bargain composed of a reduction in charges in exchange for a guilty plea. Accepting such an offer has risks, however, and you can’t go back at a later date and change your mind when you discover the plea you accepted was not such a bargain after all. You’ll do much better with a seasoned Greenwich criminal attorney whose sole responsibility is to defend you and to get the charges dropped, reduced or to find a diversionary program that can prevent a permanent record. “At our firm,” Attorney Sherman continues, “our goal is to protect you and to win your case. We provide honest assessments of your situation, continuous communication and an aggressive defense.”

    Thousands of people go to court daily, many without representation. They don’t understand the rules of evidence, courtroom procedures, jury selection, proper examination of witnesses, or how mitigating circumstances can affect a charge. Unprepared, they face opponents whose primary purpose is to get a conviction. If you are facing criminal charges in CT, then improve your chances of a favorable outcome by having a top Stamford criminal lawyer on your side.

    About Mark Sherman

    Mark Sherman, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Fordham University of Law, has been a member of the Connecticut, New York and Florida state bar associations since 1998. He has offices in Stamford, Connecticut and New York which provide both criminal and civil representation. He was recognized as a “Super Lawyer” by both New England and Connecticut Super Lawyers for 2011, 2012 and 2013. His firm has successfully represented clients on a wide range of criminal charges including DUI, assault, murder, drugs, larceny, and forgery among others.