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    UConn Intent to Sell Marijuana Arrests | Avoid Expulsion & Jail Time

    UConn Intent to Sell Marijuana Arrests | Avoid Expulsion & Jail Time
    • Every UConn drug arrest will result in disciplinary action and possible expulsion.
    • UConn’s Office of Community Standards will conduct a disciplinary hearing following any UConn drug arrest.
    • Students also must report to the Rockville Superior Court to handle their criminal charges.

    • Don’t go to court or a disciplinary hearing without calling any of the best UConn and Rockville criminal lawyers.

    Fighting UConn Marijuana Drug Cases and Disciplinary Hearings

    If you’ve been arrested for possession or marijuana with intent to sell, or possession of a controlled substance, you will be required to report to the Rockville Superior Court at 20 Park Street, Rockville, CT.  You are required to attend court even if you are arrested by UConn Police Department and face UConn school discipline proceedings.

    Should I Hire a Lawyer for my UConn Marijuana Drug Charges?

    Yes.  Any UConn student arrested for drug charges should contact a top UConn / Rockville criminal attorney before going to court for their arraignment.  These attorneys know your academic and professional careers are on the line, and have decades of experience in fighting these types of cases. Their goal is to avoid any criminal conviction.  Don’t risk your future career by handling your case alone.

    What is Possession of a Controlled Substance at UConn?

    Connecticut General Statute (“CGS”) § 21a-279, states that a person is guilty of possession of a controlled substance when they are “in control” of any quantity of a controlled substance, such as Vivance or Adderall.  “In control” means in your dorm room or car. UConn students can be arrested under CGS § 21a-279 even if they are only caught with one or two pills.  Possession of a controlled substance is a class A misdemeanor.

    Why am I Charged with Intent to Sell at UConn if I Didn’t Get Caught Selling?

    If UConn police believe that you are selling narcotics, and you’re caught with quantity, they will tack on a charge for Intent to Sell under CGS § 21a-278.  Unfortunately for students, possession of marijuana with intent to sell can expose you to mandatory minimum jail time.  We often see UConn PD charge students with intent to sell if they’ve received an anonymous tip of a sale, or if a student is in possession of items such as a scale or baggies at the time of an arrest.

    What Will Happen at my UConn Disciplinary Hearing?

    Just days after your UConn marijuana possession with intent to sell arrest, you will be contacted by UConn’s Office of Community Standards within 15 days of your arrest for a disciplinary expulsion hearing.  During your hearing you will be asked to give a statement regarding your arrest—be aware, this hearing is not confidential.  Any admission of guilt made during this hearing can be shared with the court and can undermine any defense you have.  Contact an attorney prior to your school disciplinary hearing and click here to read more about fighting your UConn school discipline.

    Contact a Top UConn Rockville Criminal Defense Attorney Today

    If you are a UConn student who has been arrested for possession of a controlled substance, or possession with intent to sell, contact an experienced attorney prior to defending yourself in court and in a school disciplinary hearing.  The attorneys at Mark Sherman Law are well versed in defending UConn school discipline and can help you protect your criminal record and professional future.  Call us 24/7 at (203) 358-4700 and click here to read hundreds of certified client reviews from past UConn clients.