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    Connecticut First-Degree Assault Lawyer

    In the hierarchy of criminal offenses in Connecticut, those related to the physical assault of another individual rank high in terms of the severity of punishments potentially imposed. This is particularly true of the crime of assault in the first degree.

    While each case is factually distinct and available penalties can vary significantly, it is important for anyone arrested for assault in the first degree to understand that an aggressive defense strategy presents their best chance of resuming a normal life. If you are facing an assault charge, a Connecticut first-degree assault lawyer stands poised to help.


    The Connecticut legislature has specified that assault crimes are charged at different degrees, depending on the severity of the harm inflicted, the intent of the attacker, the identity of the victim and the presence or absence of a weapon during the events in question. First-degree assault arrests are governed by Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann § 53a-59 and involves any of the following:

    • Production of serious injury by using a dangerous instrument or deadly weapon
    • Intention to produce serious or permanent disfigurement to another or to amputate, destroy or disfigure part of another person’s body
    • Reckless engagement in conduct capable of causing another party’s death that ultimately produces serious physical harm
    • Acts designed to cause serious physical harm that is undertaken by two or more individuals
    • The production of injury to another via the use of a firearm or other type of gun

    A first-degree assault lawyer in Connecticut can help defend an individual who may be facing any of the aforementioned charges.

    Potential Penalties

    The sanctions for which defendants convicted of assault are eligible for tend to be onerous, and may include prison terms ranging from one to 20 years, costly fines of up to $15,000, probationary supervision as well as court-imposed community service obligations.

    In addition to these life-altering punishments, the ancillary consequences of a first-degree assault conviction can be extremely damaging to an individual’s community standing, employment prospects, marital relationships and custodial rights, rendering a strong legal defense critical. An individual should not hesitate before contacting a Connecticut first-degree assault attorney to help lessen any potential penalties they may be facing.

    Enhanced Penalties

    There are a series of assault scenarios which Connecticut lawmakers have determined worthy of sentencing enhancements above and beyond the punishments typically imposed in such cases.

    For instance, the first-degree assault of an elderly, disabled, blind, intellectually disabled or pregnant person will be subject to a prison term for which the initial five years many not be reduced or suspended by a judge.

    The first-degree assault against a pregnant woman which ultimately prevents a live birth from occurring will be treated as a Class A felony. As such, those convicted of this offense may face either 10 to 50 years or 25 years to lifetime imprisonment, as well as monetary fines upwards of $20,000.

    Defense Strategies

    Being accused of an assault crime is inevitably an intimidating experience, fraught with uncertainty. Many defendants feel as though they are unlikely to prevail in clearing their name and wrongly assume that they are as good as convicted once charges are leveled.

    However, defenses to such allegations often do exist, including those related to the true intent of the accused, the severity of harm sustained by the purported victim and arguments rooted in a defendant’s need to engage in self-defense. To skillfully employ such strategies, the help of a dedicated legal professional can be indispensable.

    Contact a Connecticut First-Degree Assault Attorney

    Assault in the first degree charges must never be taken lightly, and the immediate development of a zealous legal defense offers accused individuals the best chance to obtain a favorable outcome.

    If you are facing an arrest for assault in the first degree and wish to assert your right to fair treatment under the law, now is the time to act by securing the aid of a knowledgeable Connecticut first-degree assault attorney at our firm. Call today.