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    Connecticut Sex Offender Registry

    The Connecticut sex offender registry is a system designed to help the government keep track of people who are convicted as a sex offender. Even if someone has completed a jail sentence, they would still be included on the registry. Sometimes the registry is also used to notify people in the neighborhood or other citizens of the presence of a sex offender, depending on the actual facts of the case and the level of the registration that the person has.

    There are some differences between the National Registry and a local registry. The National Registry is the national database of sex offenders, and the local registry is kept by local law enforcement in Connecticut. Some registries are only visible to law enforcement members. The other registries are visible to the public and are designed to help the public know who is in the area.

    Registered sex offenders often face serious social stigma and difficulty finding jobs or housing. The best way to avoid these consequences is to hire a top CT lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled criminal defense attorney could fight for an optimum outcome to your case.

    Who has to Register as a Sex Offender in Connecticut?

    Any sexual offense conviction or sexual assault conviction requires the one to register as a sex offender. Even if someone is convicted of a statutory charge, they would register on the sex offender list. Depending on the circumstances, a person would register as either a violent offender or nonviolent offender.

    An individual has to stay on the registry for a period of time prescribed by the probation officer or by the judge or negotiated between the defense attorneys in the court. It could be up to that person’s lifetime, or it could be for a certain amount of years. Typically, it is 25 years.

    Impact of Sex Offender Registration in CT

    The sex offender registry in CT could be available to only the law enforcement agencies or it could be public, depending on what the court orders. Being listed on the public sex offender registry could impact the remainder of an individual’s life in a lot of ways.

    The biggest impact is that a registered sex offender can only live in locations approved by the probation officer. Children could not be in the area. It also affects a person’s professional life because they are not able to go everywhere in public. For example, someone in Connecticut on a sex offender registry would never able to go to a mall or anywhere that children could be present. It could also affect someone’s reputation and relationship with their family because of the stigma.

    Seeking Employment

    Whether potential employers need to know about someone being listed on the CT sex offender registry depends on the job. Some jobs require that potential employees disclose convictions before being hired, and some jobs do not ask for that. Typically, a conviction would show up if the job runs a background check or if the job requires the person to travel to an area where they are not allowed to legally be based on their conviction.

    A Connecticut Attorney Could Address Questions About the Sex Offender Registry

    If you were accused of a sex crime, do not hesitate to contact an experienced CT criminal defense attorney. If convicted, you may be placed on the Connecticut sex offender registry, which can seriously impact your life. A sexual assault defense attorney could help you avoid being placed on the registry. Call today to discuss your situation and begin building a defense.