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    Connecticut Student Sex Crimes Charges

    While all sex crime charges are serious in Connecticut, the impact can be particularly devastating on the lives of students. For help resolving your charges, contact a top student defense attorney.

    Are Statutory Rape Arrests Common for CT High School and College Students?

    Yes. Statutory rape arrests are common for high school and college students in Connecticut because the statute incorporates the age difference between the two partners. Most people do not realize that even if the relationship is consensual, it may constitute statutory rape under the statute. For example, if someone over the age of 18 is dating someone under 16, they may be guilty of statutory rape under Connecticut law.

    How do Schools Handle Sex Crime Allegations?

    When Connecticut colleges, universities, and high schools investigate sex crime allegations, it usually starts with a complaint from the alleged victim or the parents. School employees are mandatory reporters, so if they receive a complaint, they must go to the police. Additionally, the school may subject the defendant to its own internal disciplinary procedures.

    What Burden of Proof do Colleges and Universities Use?

    Schools often operate under a lower burden of proof than criminal courts. While prosecutors must prove someone committed a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, colleges and universities often use a preponderance of the evidence. This standard is less strict, so someone could be subject to school sanctions even if they are found not guilty of the criminal charges. Schools are generally prone to play it safe, and they often take steps that treat the person as if they are guilty.

    What are the Consequences of a Sex Offense Allegation for Students?

    Individuals accused of sex offenses could be expelled from school, have a permanent mark on their transcript, and there could be online publications about the charges that will follow them for life. Additionally, news of the accusations may spread around campus and affect the person’s relationship with other students and the school.

    Contact a Top CT Student Sex Crimes Attorney

    It is important for any student dealing with sex crimes allegations to hire an experienced defense attorney immediately after they are charged. Students facing criminal charges have to deal with to separate process: the disciplinary proceedings the school initiates against them and the criminal justice system. A knowledgeable attorney could provide valuable advice and work toward a positive resolution in both processes. To learn more about how an attorney can help in your case, call Mark Sherman Law and schedule a consultation.