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    Yale University Student Defense Lawyer

    Situated in the heart of New Haven Connecticut, Yale University still reigns as one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. As many Yale students would agree, getting into Yale University is almost as difficult, if not more difficult, than graduating from Yale University. But as the best Yale University New Haven criminal lawyers and attorneys know all too well, getting expelled or suspended from Yale University is much easier, especially if you are arrested at Yale University for possession of narcotics, marijuana, sexual assault or hazing.

    Top Yale New Haven University attorneys and lawyers frequently see arrests of Yale University graduate and undergraduate students who are afraid to tell their parents about their Yale University arrest and try to go it alone in New Haven Superior Court or against the Yale school discipline committee. You see, as a college student, you are tyareated as an adult by the Yale University Police, even though you still may be permanently living at home. The best New Haven Connecticut criminal lawyers understand that you need to report your Yale University arrest or discipline issue to your family, so you and your family can work together to hire a top Yale New Haven criminal lawyer. Yale University arrests are serious and are transferred immediately to New Haven Superior Court where you must face a judge and prosecuting attorney. There is no student court for a Yale University arrest. If you are convicted, then you will have a permanent criminal record, and could face prison time, probation and stiff fines. So if you are arrested at Yale University, you should immediately contact a top Yale New Haven Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney to properly advise you of your options and who can explain your chances of getting your Yale University arrest dismissed as quickly as possible.

    The Yale University Police Department

    The Yale University Police Department is made up of 87 sworn uniformed police officers who patrol and conduct law enforcement business with the same authority as any New Haven Connecticut police officer. As top Yale University arrest criminal lawyers know, a 911 call made in the vicinity of Yale University will go directly to the Yale University Police Department dispatch. Offenses committed further away from campus, however, will be handled by the New Haven Police Department. If you are arrested by the Yale University Police, then you will first be required to report to the New Haven Superior Court, Part B division. If you have a serious felony arrest at Yale / New Haven, then your arrest will be transferred once more, but this time to the Part A Division.

    The Most Common Yale University Arrests

    Many Yale University student arrests result from alcohol or drug related offenses. These offenses may include Yale underage drinking and drug arrests, under 21 DUIs / DWIs, and Yale University narcotics possession crimes, such as possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia or Oxycontin. Yale University police also aggressively pursue Yale University Fake ID / Forgery arrests, as many Yale and UConn undergraduate students use Fake IDs to get into bars and buy alcohol. Sex assault arrests by Yale University police are less common but have been on the rise in college campuses around the nation. Finally, according to recent Yale Police Department statistics, larceny arrests catching thieves of cell phones, computers and other portable property are the most frequently committed crimes on campus. Regardless of the type of arrest, however, it is critical that you and your top New Haven Connecticut criminal lawyer carefully prepare your defense with the goal of getting your Yale University arrest dismissed as quickly as possible.

    Yale Arrests for Under 21 DUIs / DWIs – CGS 14-227g

    Yale New Haven arrests for DUIs / DWIs are difficult enough to fight when you are of legal drinking age. No matter how old you are, if you have been arrested at Yale New Haven for DUI / DWI, then the first issue you need to resolve is whether you should take the breath test. This is a difficult question and that’s why Yale New Haven police will give you the opportunity to call a top Yale New Haven Connecticut criminal lawyer to discuss whether you should submit to a breathalyzer test during your 14-227a Yale New Haven DUI / DWI arrest. If you are under 21, then the penalties for refusing a breath test can be an even lengthier suspension of your driver’s license, so be sure to consult with a top Yale New Haven criminal attorney lawyer prior to refusing any breath test.

    You should also understand the criminal penalties if you are convicted of underage DUI / DWI pursuant to C.G.S. 14-227g. These penalties can include up to 6 months in jail, fines, probation, and a lengthy license suspension. On top of all of this, your guilty plea and conviction will show up on every employment background check. Follow this link for more information on fighting underage DUI / DWI arrests in Connecticut.

    Finally, if you are not driving but have been given a ticket at Yale University for being a minor in possession of alcohol in violation of C.G.S. 30-89, or felony providing alcohol to minors in violation of C.G.S. 30-86(b)(2) (i.e. hosting a Yale University underage drinking party), then you should not just plead guilty and mail in your ticket. The ticket you are issued is not at all like a traffic ticket and it can have more severe consequences. To learn more about fighting Minor in Possession of Alcohol charges, click here.

    Yale Marijuana Possession Arrests on the Yale Campus

    The recent changes in Connecticut law regarding marijuana possession have confused many people in Connecticut. Even Yale University students…who may not appreciate the distinction between marijuana being “decriminalized” versus being “illegal.” Top Yale University / New Haven Connecticut marijuana lawyers can explain that C.G.S. 21a-279a forbids you from possessing less than one-half ounce of marijuana if you do not have a medical marijuana license. It is also illegal under C.G.S. 21a-267(d) to possess any kind of drug paraphernalia, even if you don’t have any marijuana on your possession.

    Despite it being illegal, however, it is not a crime. Rather, marijuana possession at Yale University is an infraction, meaning you will be issued a summons to which you can plead guilty by mail: $150 for first offenses, and $500 for second and subsequent offenses. Connecticut police generally tell college students: “it’s not a crime…just send the ticket in, pay the fine and it’s no big deal.” Not quite. A guilty plea to a Yale New Haven Connecticut marijuana possession ticket, unlike a guilty plea to an ordinary speeding ticket, will leave a permanent mark on your record. Every background check for the rest of your life will show a marijuana possession guilty plea, so be sure to contact a top Yale New Haven marijuana possession lawyer attorney to discuss how you can fight your ticket, or how you can reverse your Connecticut marijuana possession guilty plea by mail and undo the damage done to your reputation . Finally, Yale University students should also be aware that if you are under 21, then in addition to a blemished background check, a guilty plea to a Connecticut marijuana possession ticket will result in a mandatory 60-day license suspension by the DMV.

    Yale Prescription Drug Arrests

    Drug arrests at Yale University and other Connecticut college campuses are certainly not limited to just marijuana. Recently students have increasingly begun using prescription drugs, recreationally. Academic and social pressures have resulted in students abusing prescription drugs like Adderall, Oxycontin, and Vicodin. Because of how dangerous and addictive these drugs are on college campuses, police are aggressively prosecuting these crimes and expelling students for distributing and abusing Adderall, Oxycontin, and other drugs. So if you are caught at Yale University for dealing, distributing or possessing Adderall, Oxycontin or Vicodin without a valid prescription, you will be arrested and charged with Possession of Narcotics under C.G.S. 21a-279. This same crime also covers the sale or possession of illegal drugs like cocaine or Molly. Click here for more information about fighting Connecticut Possession of Narcotics arrests in New Haven. These are serious felony crimes that carry stiff mandatory minimum jail sentences in many cases. So if you are arrested in Yale New Haven for Possession of Narcotics, you should contact a top Yale New Haven criminal drug attorney to fight your case and craft the strongest possible defense.

    Fighting Yale University Fake ID Arrests

    Along with many teenagers around the country, Yale University students have long been using Fake IDs to purchase alcohol and get into college bars. While it may seem harmless, possessing a Fake ID or driver’s license in Connecticut is actually a felony crime in Connecticut. Possessing a Fake ID falls under the umbrella of the Connecticut crime of Forgery in the Second Degree under C.G.S. 53a-139. The best Yale New Haven Connecticut lawyers and attorneys know that you can get arrested for Forgery in the Second Degree for just having a Fake ID in your wallet, even if you do not show your Fake ID to anyone. To learn more about fighting Yale University Fake ID arrests, click here.

    Fighting Yale University School Discipline Proceedings & Yale Expulsion Hearings

    If you are a Yale University student arrested by Yale University or New Haven Police, then, in addition to your criminal case, Yale University may initiate disciplinary or expulsion proceedings against you. In certain cases, you may lose scholarship moneys or receive permanent markings on your Yale University transcript. In certain cases, you may not get arrested, but may still face Yale University disciplinary proceedings for conduct that is not criminal but still in violation of Yale University’s student code of conduct, such as plagiarism, cheating, sexual harassment, academic dishonesty or hazing. Know, however, that you have rights against Yale and do not have to go it alone against Yale University and their team of attorneys. A top Yale New Haven school attorney can advise you of your rights and advise you during these proceedings. The last thing you want as a Yale University student is a tainted academic record that will make it difficult for you to get into graduate school or find a job. For more information on Yale University expulsion and school disciplinary proceedings, click here.

    Yale University Hazing, Sex Assault & Rape Investigations

    Sexual assault, rape and hazing allegations are very hot topics on college campuses. As these offenses have grown in number and notoriety, colleges like Yale University have developed zero tolerance for sex assault, rape and hazing, launching aggressive investigations when an accusation is reported to school authorities. If you are accused of hazing, sex assault, or rape at Yale University, then you should contact a top Yale New Haven criminal lawyer attorney to assist you. Remember, everything you say to Yale faculty or investigators can be used against you in a school or criminal investigation. Nothing is off the record.

    Contact a Yale University New Haven Criminal Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law Today

    So whether you are facing a Yale University arrest, a marijuana or alcohol possession infraction ticket at Yale, or are facing serious school disciplinary or expulsion proceedings at Yale, you should contact a Yale New Haven criminal school discipline attorney at Mark Sherman Law to help you through the process. The team of criminal and education attorneys and lawyers at Mark Sherman Law have been fighting Yale University and New Haven Connecticut criminal cases for years. We have successfully represented students who have challenged Yale University arrests, expulsions and other student disciplinary actions. As a Yale University undergraduate or graduate student, your professional future is too promising not to be as aggressive and proactive as possible in resolving your problems. So give the attorneys at Mark Sherman Law a call today. We are available 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.