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Connecticut Fake ID Lawyer

Possessing a document or identification that is presented as government issued containing false information or that exists for the purpose of defrauding another constitutes forgery. The most common scenario in this area is a University of Connecticut (UCONN) student possessing fake identification to purchase alcohol or to get into places that have an age requirement to enter.

If you are facing a fake ID charge, it is important that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Connecticut fake ID lawyer will be able to gather all necessary evidence associated with the case, and mount a defense to help reduce or dismiss any potential penalties you may be facing.

Elements of the Charge

There are a few different ways that an individual can be charged with possession of a fake ID. An officer may come to a student’s dorm room following a noise complaint and see the fake identification, or the student might let them know about the fake identification when they are asked. Further, the officer could find the identification after searching the room. In that instance, the student would likely be taken by UCONN police to their headquarters where the student would be processed, booked, and given a court date.

If an officer performs a motor vehicle stop on a UCONN student and sees the fake identification in their wallet or, worse, if the student hands the UCONN officer the fake identification, they might also be taken to the University of Connecticut police headquarters to be booked and processed. This charge is treated incredibly seriously by both local and university police, and should only be handled by a Connecticut fake ID attorney.

Challenging the Arrest

The only way for an individual to challenge an arrest would be to prove that they were not in possession of the alleged fake identification, or if the officer violates search and seizure laws to get the identification.

It can be difficult for an individual to challenge this charge on their own. There are many factors to consider when dealing with such a charge that can only be understood by an experienced Connecticut fake ID attorney.

Frequency of Fake IDs

Since there are so many undergraduate students that are under the age of 21 in the area, UCONN officers are more aware of how common it is for students to possess fake identification. Because of this, they are on the lookout for fake identification more than they otherwise might be with the general public.

Contacting an Attorney

Forgery in the second degree is a felony throughout Connecticut, regardless of if it occurs at a school. Since this charge is classified as a second degree felony, it is crucial that any individual involved contacts an attorney as soon as possible.

It is necessary for an individual to contact a knowledgeable Connecticut fake id attorney who has handled these kinds of charges at University of Connecticut previously. The fact that this is a felony charge solidifies the need for an experienced lawyer immediately.