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    Yale University Fake ID Defense Strategies

    Fake ID and forgery charges can have serious consequences. Charges could result in legal penalties as well as school disciplinary consequences. Convictions could also negatively impact a person’s future, resulting in loss of employment and housing opportunities. With so much at stake, it is important to consult an attorney. If you want to know more about which Yale University fake ID defense strategies might work best for you, speak with an accomplished fake ID lawyer that could help.

    Potential Defenses During a Fake ID Case

    Some Yale University fake ID defense strategies person could use when challenging a fake ID charge are that they were not knowingly in possession of the ID and it wound up in their possession from some other means or someone left in their possession without their knowledge (in their room, car, etc.). The person could also say that they did not know that the fake ID was forged. If they have a written instrument in their possession that was forged, a defense could be that they did not realize that it was.

    How Strategies Change if a Person is Facing Additional Charges?

    Yale University fake ID defense strategies change if a person is facing additional or related charges. Some other charges rule out certain strategies. If someone gets arrested after they used a fake ID, they are drinking underage, and they are charged with both forgery and underage drinking, they are not able to make the defense that they did not know that they were possessing the fake ID.

    An attorney could also help someone facing a fake ID or forgery charge similar to someone with substance addiction. They make sure they get proper treatment before going to court if they were using that fake ID to buy alcohol.

    Role of an Attorney During University Disciplinary Hearings

    An attorney could help in university disciplinary hearings by preparing the student for the questions that they are going to be asked and how to properly answer the questions. An attorney is not able to be present during the hearing.  A lawyer’s defense strategies differ in university criminal cases because with university hearings it is usually better for the student to take responsibility for their actions, whereas in criminal cases it is important for a student not to incriminate themselves and take complete responsibility in front of the court.

    Impact of Unlawful Arrests on a Person’s Case

    If someone was arrested unlawfully, their defense might change because any evidence curated by the police department might be suppressed and not allowed into the defendant’s case.

    It is not uncommon for officers to make mistakes during the arrest process and it is not always fatal to a criminal case.


    Relevant Information in Fake ID Cases

    The information a lawyer would look for when investigating these charges includes how the police came into contact with the fake ID.  They would read the police report carefully to make sure that the arrested person’s constitutional rights were upheld and that all elements of the crime were met. The first questions an attorney would ask someone after an arrest is when their court date is, if they have any criminal record and if they have been arrested before.

    Value of a Yale University a Fake ID Attorney

    If someone is facing fake ID or forgery charges at Yale University, some ways retaining a lawyer could help is by getting the case disposed of and handled as quickly as possible. Another way and probably the most important way that the lawyer could help is by protecting a Yale University student’s future by trying to ensure that an unwise decision does not ruin their future. A skilled lawyer could examine a student’s case and determine which Yale University fake ID defense strategies work best for them.