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    Yale University Fake ID Penalties

    While some might view the use of a fake ID as a negligible offense, there are serious Yale University fake ID penalties and consequences that a person could face. Not only would the student face school disciplinary consequences, they could also spend time in prison for a fake ID offense. That is why it is important for individuals who face penalties for possessing a fake ID, to get in touch with a determined fake ID lawyer. An experienced legal advocate could devote the time and resources necessary to mitigate the consequences that a person may face.

    Felony Fake ID Charges

    A felony fake ID charge arises anytime a person uses a fake government-issued ID or a government ID that was issued legally to another person. This crime is a Class D felony punishable by jail time, a fine, and probation. Even if a person did not create the fake ID and they were only in possession of it, under Connecticut statute possession alone is a crime. If a person is in possession of a real ID that belongs to someone else, it still falls under the second-degree forgery charge. A forgery charge is the same thing as possession of a fake ID, but it could involve other more serious crimes. For example, a person could be charged with forgery if they are accused of altering money or stocks, but they could also be charged with forgery if they possess a fake ID.

    Possession of a fake ID is a crime in itself, even if the person does not use or show it. Yale University fake ID penalties include school discipline, which might mean suspension or expulsion. There is also the court aspect. The penalty for a fake ID offense in court is up to five years in prison, a fine of up to $5,000, and up to three years on probation. A person could also be charged with additional crimes, like identity theft or any other crime that a person is committing with the ID. The difference between forgery and fake ID is the associated crimes.

    Forgery in the Second-Degree Charges

    Forgery in the second degree covers any time a person has the intent to defraud another person and they use a fake ID. If someone is underage and using the fake ID to deceive someone else into thinking that they are over the age of 21 it falls under the second-degree forgery statute. If someone is charged with forgery or fake ID at Yale University, they should immediately contact an attorney to help them fight their case in court and prepare them for any school disciplinary proceedings. In a forgery second degree case, a prosecutor would need to prove that the person had the intention to defraud someone else, that the person falsely made or possessed an instrument that they knew to be forged and that the instrument would typically be issued by a governmental instrumentality, such as the DMV.

    This charge could impact someone’s life even if they are not convicted because they have to still go through the entire court process, which takes typically up to two years. If they go to trial, it would be even longer. The person would face school disciplinary proceedings, including suspension or expulsion from school, in addition to Yale University fake ID penalties. Also, during the court proceeding the charges are still pending, so a person would have to disclose them on job applications and background checks.

    Value of a Yale University Fake ID Attorney

    When facing fake ID or second-degree forgery charges, an individual should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to help them fight the charges in court. An attorney that has dealt with Yale University fake ID penalties before, could examine an individual’s case and look for mitigating factors in their case.  The lawyer could then use the facts of the case to build a solid defense. If a person faces fake ID charges, they should speak with a seasoned attorney and rest assured that they are in capable hands.