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    Following a Yale University Fake ID Arrest

    Fake ID offenses are quite common on college campuses. However, due to the seriousness of fake ID and forgery offenses, they are taken quite seriously. If an individual is arrested for forgery, contacting an attorney should be the first thing they do following a Yale University fake ID arrest. An accomplished fake ID attorney could build a solid defense for those who have been charged.

    Steps an Officer May Take When Making an Arrest

    The first thing an officer would do when making a fake ID arrest at Yale University would be to conduct an investigation, which typically includes questioning the student. Sometimes an officer will conduct a search before initiating an arrest. Mainly they would question the student, confiscate the ID, and try to determine whether or not it is a forgery. A person could refuse a police search. If they do, the police might be able to do to search without that person’s consent if there are other circumstances that allow them to do so. When someone is being arrested, they should act respectfully to the police. A person does not need to make any statement without first speaking to an attorney. They do not need to answer any questions that the officers are asking without speaking to their attorney first. If there are no proper venues to conduct a search, the police would go to a judge and apply for a warrant to conduct the search. The judge would sign the warrant and the police come back at a later date and conduct the search.

    Related Charges an Individual Could Face Following a Fake ID Arrest

    A person could face forgery or fake ID-related charges following a Yale University fake ID arrest. For example, if they are in the process of trying to purchase alcohol, they could be arrested for not only the felony forgery charge but also underage drinking or even providing alcohol to a minor. Any other crime that they are committing could also be tacked on the forgery charge. If the arrest occurs sometime after the person used a fake identification, a person could still be charged with forgery.

    What Happens After an Arrest?

    Following a Yale University fake ID arrest, a person is taken to a police station, booked, and given a bond and a court date. They have to go to court for their arraignment typically within the next week after their arrest if they are released on bond or a promise to appear in court. The time between an arrest and a court date would depend on bond. If a person is arrested and is not able to post their bond, they would be arraigned at their first court date on the next business day. If a person is arrested and they are able to post their bond or they are released on a promise to appear, their arraignment or first court date would typically be within the next week or the week after that.

    They are not always brought to the police station for booking. Sometimes the police issue a summons ticket, but this is typically the case for misdemeanor charges only. If someone is being charged with forgery or fake ID, they most likely would be taken to the police station and processed.

    Speaking to a Yale University Fake ID Attorney

    The top three things that everyone should know when charged with a felony fake ID or forgery charge is that it is a Class D felony and a serious charge even though it seems innocuous. Following a Yale University fake ID arrest, a person could face repercussions with the school, like school disciplinary proceedings or expulsion. Furthermore, sometimes there are immediate restrictions after the arrest. The police could issue conditions, such as no driving for 24 hours depending on what the charges are. Usually, there are no other immediate restrictions after an arrest for forgery. Pleading guilty could lead to a permanent criminal conviction as well. That is why it is important for those who face criminal charges to speak with a capable fake ID arrest attorney, as soon as possible. A qualified lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.