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    Student Penalties Following a Yale University Fake ID Arrest

    Fake ID charges and arrests are common on college campuses because of the underage drinking and the fact that most students are not of age to buy or drink alcohol so they need to use a fake license. Yale University takes charges seriously because it is dangerous to have underage drinkers on their campus for many reasons. It is dangerous for the people who are drinking and sometimes end up in the hospital or with injuries. It is dangerous to have someone distributing the fake IDs on their campus as well. If an individual is caught possessing or distributing fake IDs, they will face legal penalties, as well as student penalties following a Yale University fake ID arrest. A qualified fake ID attorney could attempt to guide a student through the student disciplinary process.

    Forgery Offenses

    Being a student can specifically affect forgery or fake ID charges because a student can face school disciplinary proceedings as well as court proceedings. They might need to do things to get their criminal case dismissed and also do other things to maintain their status as a Yale University student. If a student was creating and distributing fake IDs, it is a forgery second-degree charge. Depending on the number of fake IDs that were created, that person could be charged with multiple counts of the forgery second-degree charge, and face student penalties following a Yale University fake ID arrest.

    Campus Police

    Campus officers have the power to issue arrests, perform searches, including searches of dorm rooms or student vehicles, and get search warrants if they need to but they have the ability to conduct searches without getting a warrant from the judge. They have the same powers as the New Haven Police Department. If a student flees the scene, sometimes the police will conduct an investigation and question other people that they were able to detain to try to figure out who fled the scene. They could arrest anyone who fled on a later date after conducting an investigation.

    When facing college university charges, students have the same rights as those facing charges outside of the university when they go to court.  When they are still in school, they have to abide by the school code, which sometimes gives the school the right to conduct searches that would not be legal outside of the campus.

    Yale’s Investigation Process

    The school investigation process at Yale University involves the student who is arrested or who is being investigated for a crime reporting to a board and discussing the incident with them. They are typically given a punishment or a hearing to respond to a suspension or an expulsion. If a fake ID arrest happens on campus, it is still a felony. The person has to go to the New Haven Court to handle the arrest. If the student is arrested off campus on a fake ID charge, the school may find out. Sometimes someone gets lucky in that they get arrested off campus and their school does not find out.

    Other times the school finds out even though the crimes did not happen on campus and the person would face disciplinary proceedings on campus as well. Someone could face student penalties following a Yale University fake ID arrest and criminal charges at the same time. These charges would affect student status, depending on the circumstances. If the school does not think it was serious, they might have a student complete a few tasks to maintain their status at the school.

    Impact Yale University Fake ID Arrest Penalties Have

    Schools view misdemeanor and felony charges differently. They view these offenses the same as the court does. If the crime is not serious, the school’s punishment would not be as serious. Felony charges are typically prosecuted by the school more seriously than a misdemeanor charge.

    A fake ID arrests impact internships, grad schools, and job opportunities, because it remains on someone’s record until the case is dismissed. The case could take up to two years to be dismissed, or even longer if the case proceeds to trial. While the case is pending, the arrest has to be reported when they are applying for a job or applying for grad schools. After their case is dismissed, a person could swear under oath in Connecticut that they have never been arrested. In order to mitigate the impact of student penalties following a Yale University fake ID arrest, individuals should retain the services of a skilled fake ID attorney that could advocate for them.