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    Yale University Fake ID Lawyer

    As defined by Yale University law, forgery or a fake ID charge is when someone has the intent to defraud, deceive, or injure another person, and they make or possess any written instrument that is issued by a public office, like a driver’s license or birth certificate. Yale University law is the same as Connecticut law. These charges could have serious consequences for an individual, which is why if a student is charged with a fake ID or forgery offense, they should retain the services of a Yale University fake ID lawyer. A qualified student defense attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to build a solid defense for an individual.

    Facing Fake ID Charges

    A person could be charged with possessing a fake ID if they have the fake ID on their person, even if they are not using it at the time. If they are arrested or the police see it, they could still be charged with possessing a fake ID. For example, if they go to a bar and try to purchase alcohol, or if they are pulled over for speeding and the police see a fake ID in the car, they could be arrested.

    The difference between forgery in the second-degree and a misdemeanor forgery charge is that forgery in the second-degree entails someone having a fake driver’s license or anything that any sort of government ID that would be issued by the government. The misdemeanor forgery charge arises anytime someone is in possession of a forged written instrument. A misdemeanor forgery or fake ID charge arises any time someone possesses a written instrument that they know is forged. The fake ID, like a fake driver’s license, does not fall under the forgery misdemeanor charge.

    Can My Fake ID Possession be Treated as a Felony in Connecticut?

    Underage drinking is a major concern on university campuses, but that is not the only reason Connecticut lawmakers have enacted strict laws regarding fake identification. Besides getting into bars, fake IDs may also be used for more overt criminal purposes, including illegal immigration, so forgery laws prohibit not only the creation and use of false identification documents but also the mere possession of such documents.

    If the false identification purports to be a “written instrument officially issued or created by a public office, public servant or governmental instrumentality,” such as a state-issued driver’s license, then possession of that fake ID is considered forgery in the second degree in the state of Connecticut. This is a class D felony punishable by a fine of up to $5,000 and as much as 5 years in prison, according to Connecticut General Statutes §53a-139.

    Can My Fake ID Possession be Treated as a Misdemeanor in Connecticut?

    If the fake ID replicates a student identification card from a private institution such as Yale University, then the offense may be treated as forgery in the third degree, which is a class B misdemeanor. The maximum penalties for this offense include up to 6 months in jail and a fine as high as $1,000. Either way, assistance from a Yale University fake ID attorney could be critical to your chances of minimizing criminal penalties.

    Fake ID Arrests

    Any arrest may get published online. Any time an arrest is made there is a risk that it could be published online. Additionally, any arrest is a matter of public record, meaning that anyone who has access to the Connecticut judicial website is able to view the charges. Also, if it is published by any online news publication, anyone who has access to the internet could see the pending charges.

    However, a Yale University fake ID lawyer could help a person challenge the arrest. Any illegal search that is conducted that leads to an arrest could be challenged. For example, if the police search someone’s home, find the fake ID, and arrest someone for forgery and it was an illegal search, it could be challenged. Even if the police did nothing illegal, a search can still be challenged in court.

    Fake ID Court Cases

    All court appearances are mandatory. Sometimes an attorney is able to have an appearance excused, but the first court date is typically a mandatory court date. Fake ID arrests at Yale University report to the New Haven Superior Courthouse, located at 235 Church Street, New Haven, CT. A Forgery or Fake ID charge is serious. It is a Class B misdemeanor or a felony. Potential penalties include jail time and a serious criminal conviction on their record. A  Yale University fake ID lawyer could attempt to mitigate the severity of the penalties a person may face.

    Value of a Yale Univerity Fake ID Attorney

    When facing a misdemeanor fake ID charge, a person should look for a Yale University fake ID lawyer. They should seek the services of someone who handles forgery charges often and has experience in the New Haven Courthouse. It is important to retain the services of a lawyer in a felony fake ID case because a felony is serious and could result in a permanent criminal record. Fake ID charges in the second-degree come with serious consequences and the consequences can be even more serious if someone already has a criminal record.