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    Darien Third-Degree Assault Lawyer

    If you were arrested for assault in the third-degree, reach out to a top criminal defense attorney for advice. A Darien third-degree assault lawyer could help you avoid making statements that could jeopardize your case and build a strong defense.

    What is Assault in the Third-Degree?

    Assault in the third-degree can happen under a variety of circumstances. Under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-61, if someone intentionally attempts to harm another person, and they do cause any injuries to anyone, even if the injured person is not who they targeted, then they have committed a third-degree assault. Third-degree assault can also occur when someone seriously injures another person recklessly. Finally, causing any injury by the criminally negligent use of a deadly weapon is assault in the third degree.

    Intent, recklessness, and negligence have specific definitions under the Connecticut General Statutes. A Darien third-degree assault attorney may be able to argue that the conduct at issue does not fit these statutory definitions and therefore the defendant is not guilty of assault in the third degree.

    What are the Penalties and Long-Term Consequences of Third-Degree Assault?

    As a Class A misdemeanor, assault in the third degree is punishable by up to a year in jail, a fine of up to $2,000, and/or up to 2 years on probation. Moreover, a conviction establishes a criminal record visible to anyone who conducts a background check.

    Over the long term, the damage to an individual’s reputation could be the worst consequence of an assault conviction. Even a charge for this violent offense can have a negative impact.

    What are the Benefits of Working With a Top Attorney?

    Many people in Darien realize that a defense attorney who understands assault crimes could help protect their rights, develop a strong defensive strategy, and provide legal support throughout the process. However, there are additional advantages that are not always immediately apparent.

    In addition, a third-degree assault attorney in Darien knows how local courts prosecute assault crimes, including the defense strategies that have proven successful in past cases. Perhaps most importantly, a skilled attorney can focus on the client’s wellbeing at all times, fighting to bring about the best possible result.

    Work with a Darien Third-Degree Assault Attorney

    Assault is not a crime you want on your record. If you are facing charges of assault in the third degree, it is wise to take all available actions to defend yourself.

    A knowledgeable Darien third-degree assault lawyer could collect evidence and build the right defensive strategy to help reach a positive outcome in your case. To discuss how an assault lawyer could help in your situation, call Mark Sherman Law and schedule a consultation.